Starting over and over and over
Tuesday July 14th 2015, 11:05 pm
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The pattern continues: Tuesday is our allowed watering day and I discovered yet another volunteer that was not there the previous week. (We were already at fig tree, fig tree, tomato, and lettuce.) So much for this living in a desert idea. The squirrels seem to particularly like to tuck seeds near anything made of wood.

I actually thought I saw something else yesterday and went out to check near the mango tree, but it was just a weed: no grand discoveries on Mondays allowed–you have to wait a day. It’s the rule.

I did, however, find what I assume is a rose bush coming up over the fence from the neighbors a few days ago and I’m quite sure they have no idea it’s there. I’m curious to see what we get but not enough to let it climb my peach tree. Maybe I’ll train it along the top of the fence? It needs to prove itself before I put work into it, and soon, or it’s Get Back To Where You Once Belonged.

So the volunteer: did I really need another tomato plant, but hey, it’s mine now. That makes two of unknown variety. I should mention the random strawberries turned out to be wild strawberries like the delightful little ones of my childhood (I had to Google to see that they really do grow on this coast, too, the birds will be thrilled), and I just can’t quite make myself taste-test that lettuce. But you can’t go wrong with tomatoes.

Meantime, the water hit the paper towel around the most ripe of my big ones and of course it instantly showed the color beneath (don’t show the squirrels!)  To my surprise it was quite red already. I figured I was pushing my luck enough and beat them to it.

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That rose looks just like a blackberry to me. At my home I dig those out immediately because they are so invasive and thorny. Volunteer tomatoes are wonderful! Funny planting habits, those squirrels.

Comment by Susan Stambaugh 07.15.15 @ 2:00 am

I agree with Susan. Brambles. Reminds me I have to get on the ones that are taking over my backyard.

Comment by LynnM 07.15.15 @ 2:10 am

3rd opinion – bramble. 🙂 I would not let it go. Fight things when they are ‘little’ is the only chance one has, yes?

Comment by Helen 07.15.15 @ 9:17 am

Beautiful tomato!

Comment by twinsetellen 07.15.15 @ 7:02 pm

Just agreeing with the prickly comments above. Looks like a blackberry or wild raspberry or similar. Certainly not like a rose. Agree also with eradication asap.

Comment by Susan (sjanova) 07.16.15 @ 5:39 pm

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