Papering over the differences
Sunday July 12th 2015, 11:23 pm
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Took some friends some homegrown yellow cherry tomatoes after dinner, a pretty perfect little snack, and we all chatted for three hours.

Speaking of which.

The squirrels occasionally get past my attempts at barriers and raid those, sucking the juices and spitting out the rest because they don’t actually like tomatoes. There’s not been much loss because they don’t seem to go for seconds and the things were pretty small to begin with.

And plentiful. The Sungold is super-productive, so losing one or two of them a day isn’t a big deal. I also planted a big red type but as the Sungold branches spread out all around the other much slower plant, the one in the center grew a grand total of three fruits. Almost no blossoming.

But so I really want those three tomatoes once they’re ripe: all that water and anticipation for such a small payoff. They’d gone from green to greenish-white and clearly the red was coming soon and I was keeping a wary eye on the critters when I happened to mention this to my friend Robin at the beginning of the week. She told me to do something I’d never heard of before: take some white paper towels, soak them, and wrap one around each tomato. They will dry as white husks encasing and hiding them.

And they did! So far so good! (Do NOT peek during the daylight. They do watch and learn fast. But I’ve learned too.)

Paper towels. Wet white (no dyes seems a good idea) paper towels. I don’t know who thought of this, but clearly they were a (desperate) gardener. And a genius!

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Glad you’re happy with the Sungolds–aren’t they wonderful? I don’t know how close you planted the other type, but it’s possible they simply needed more root space. I learned this year that tomatoes need pretty big space, the equivalent of a 5 gallon bucket is the bare minimum. I’m envious, I’m waiting for the first of our tomatoes, and I’m enjoying sugar peas and chard, and watching my squash. Have fun!

Comment by Marian 07.13.15 @ 12:40 am

So, so glad that’s working. Hope it continues to work. I can hardly wait to hear how the tomatoes taste.

Comment by RobinM 07.14.15 @ 5:46 am

Brilliant! I will be looking for something to try this on.

Comment by twinsetellen 07.14.15 @ 8:01 pm

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