What a cool half mil gets you
Saturday September 25th 2021, 11:13 pm
Filed under: Remote

Yeah, but the problem is, I just don’t think I could grow mangoes there.

Upstairs: but what if you roll over in your sleep?

I’m sorry, but I read that description as “grassy outcrappings.” Well, but, they are!

(Side note: when my friend Johnna helped set up this blog’s template years ago, I have no idea why she added “remote” as a category and it wouldn’t let me remove it. She’s long since moved away; I don’t think I’d ever used it. Till now. It fits.)

One other thing: you can’t see it unless you scroll through the online tour, but, there’s a stone castle on a hill in New York. Staircase after staircase on this lovely old house that needs someone with a ton of money to fix it up, and six stories high, when you finally reach the top of the tower, you see–

–a few random old things, including a well-worn daybed. And sitting on that daybed.

Is a giant plush King Kong looking out over Manhattan, one paw outstretched over the frame of the bed, reliving his glory days of yore.