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Friday August 17th 2007, 12:14 pm
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On page 22, the Concert Scarf, I apparently gave the American needle size only rather than the metric size as well, and the size 8 got extrapolated in the wrong direction. It should say size 8 American and size 5 mm.

I find the system of using a yarn ball icon to describe the weight of a yarn is one that becomes less exact as the yarns get thinner. There are five shawls in the book using the baby alpaca in fingering weight that Pacific Meadows Alpacas carries, and I did not notice that they were assigned various 1, 2, and 3 yarn ball icons. They are, simply, fingering weight. I would say, when in doubt, look first to my written description of the yardage/weight ratio when considering substitute yarns. Swatch, swatch, honest, always do a swatch, it really does help.

I got this message re an error in a chart (thank you, Kellie): “Page 54, rows 24 and 32, 14 stitches in from the right there is a YO missing just before the set of end stitches.”

Wanda’s shawl, chart on page 32: row 33, tenth square from the right, should be a knit stitch.

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Hi Alison, I just last week purchased your wonderful “Wrapped In Comfort” book and am working on “Karen’s Water Turtles Shawl”. Could you please help my understanding of the instructions for Row 40 of the pattern? It reads as follows: K2, *YO, ssk, YO, sl 2-k1-P2sso, YO, K2tog, YO, K3; rep from *, end last rep K2. My confusion is with sl 2-k1-P2sso & in looking at the chart it show so 1-K2tog-psso with the abbreviations section showing sl 2-K1-p2sso which is I believe the correct instructions 🙂 Thanks in advance and thanks for a wonderful book with so many truly beautiful choices.

Sherry Pope

Comment by Sherry Pope 12.23.07 @ 12:26 pm

The written-out instructions, not the chart, are the way I did it on those two shawls. One thing to know is that in doing a double decrease, if you do it as sl2-k1-p2sso, ie, slip two stitches onto the right needle, knit the next one, then pass those first two slipped stitches over the one you just knitted, you get a crisp point to the top of the triangle made by the double decrease. If, however, you knit it as sl1-k2tog-psso, slipping one, knitting two together, then passing that first one back over the two you just knitted together, you get a slightly less precise triangle shape, but on the other hand it is quicker to knit it that way. The choice is up to the knitter. For me, it would depend on the yarn: a very smooth yarn, I would knit the more precise triangle. For a yarn like, say, Blue Moon Fiber Art’s Silkie, the yarn in my current project and which has some some textural interest to it, I don’t think the difference would really show up, and I’d just go with the faster version.

Thank you for the heads-up on the error in that chart!

Comment by AlisonH 12.23.07 @ 2:05 pm

Hi Alison,
I am a huge fan of your book. My daughter (a future Marine Biologist) loves the Monterey Shawl. I would like to use an Alchemy Silk (Silken Straw) that is 250 yards/40 grams. It is a fingering weight but I am not sure if the Alpaca you used was fingering. According to the yarn ball icon the yarn you used was much heavier. I was thinking I might go down a size in needle. Any advice? Thank you, Barbara

Comment by Barbara 01.23.08 @ 10:54 am

The yarn ball icons were added in and I missed them in the proofing stage–they are, frankly, a tad squirrelly at times. You’re better off going by my written descriptions of the yarns; you’re right, I did use fingering weight on the Monterey shawl.

In general, though, those shawls are quite flexible in what type and weight of yarn you use and you can use a finer one than I did in the book. I have now made some of them in Alpaca With A Twist’s Fino alpaca/silk blend, which is 875 yards/100 g, using size 7 needles, and I tried one on a friend who is far larger than I. It looked lovely on her, very delicate, very pretty, except I would have started at row 2 with a longer neck cast-on had I been making it to fit her. And what was a shawl on me was, lengthwise, a capelet on her. Which is fine. My point is, they’re pretty adaptable–have fun playing!

And thank you for the kind words. Much appreciated.

Comment by AlisonH 01.23.08 @ 1:32 pm

Hi Alsion,
I have started the blue Jay shawl (will blog it soon…), and have a question about row 24. The chart seems to be missing a YO (14th stitch from the right), and the written instructions for this row do not match the chart.
I have emailed you an Excel chart with this diagrammed out to help you see what I am talking about.
I’m loving this pattern and the book, and have yarn in line for two more shawls to make.

Comment by Sandra 04.24.08 @ 6:22 am

The third paragraph above shows the correction. Thanks!

Comment by AlisonH 04.24.08 @ 12:11 pm

The patterns that suggest 100% alpaca and 100% baby alpaca from Pacific Meadows Alpacas do not include the weight of the skein, though yardage is included. I could not find that on this site either. Will you please supply that information. Thank you.

Comment by Deborah 05.28.08 @ 12:36 pm

Oh, I’d be happy to–sorry about that! The Pacific Meadows Alpacas projects were all the same fingering weight baby alpaca yarn, and as it says in the book, I bought it at 1800 yards per 450 g cone. They also sell it in 150-yard increments, and for the book I calculated the number of those you would need. Sitting down with pen and paper now, that works out to 37.5 g per ball: an odd amount, but they were selling by the yardage in the skeins, not the weight.

Comment by AlisonH 05.28.08 @ 1:36 pm

Hello Alison…i am knitting your Wanda Shawl and am still confused over row 31 to 33…..there seems to be a discrepency….should I follow the written directions or the graph???…i have started this project over 3 times and I would love to finish it to give to my friend…who will love this black silk-alpaca yarn i am using……thank you…..alphonse

Comment by alphonse poulin 06.26.08 @ 5:06 pm

Hi Alison…
I am now on my third Julia’s Shawl and it seems everyone I know wants one, sigh. I adore it. It works well in so many different weights and colours.
I’m knitting it in black right now for Mum for Christmas and have two more black ones to knit after that. It’s everyone’s favourite here in England.
Hugs to you and please keep on designing…it’s a wonderful talent.
C xx

Comment by Claire 10.06.08 @ 11:14 pm

I’ve picked out 6 projects in the ‘comfy shawls book, and can’t wait to begin. I am skinny (5’6″) and only weigh 88 lbs. (Ihave had genetic RA since 1966– I’m slow, but lace knitting is good–not so many missed yarnovers. QUESTION: Should I just work fewer stitches and rows/rpts for my size?

Comment by carol weiss 01.05.09 @ 11:37 am

I’m carol, and just asked about knitting your projects for my wee size. Have RA too) do I need to sign up for the blog for it to work? …..and what the heck is a URL? Thanks

Comment by carol weiss 01.05.09 @ 11:44 am

sorry if anyone replied to carol weiss. corrected e-mail address is up there now–

Comment by carol weiss 01.09.09 @ 12:24 pm

Hi Alison,
For some reason, I can’t get the Julia shawl to work once it increases and is to be off set. I have re started the shawl 3 times now, and once I complete the last K1 YO row, it does not work out for me. Any suggestions? I really want to make this shawl, but have become frustrated due to several unsuccessful attempts. Any advice? I’ve tried both the regular and the faster version, and it stops working at the same point each time.
Thank you for your consideration,

Comment by Denise 02.17.09 @ 7:05 pm

Help I am working on the Strawberry shawl. I just finished the fifth set of trawberries and I don’t know where the wedges are anymore. Was I supposed to keep doing the yarnovers as well as doing the strawberries? Thank you

Comment by Bobbi Ross 05.16.09 @ 1:09 pm

Hi Alison!
I am working on the lovely Peace of My Mind shawl and am stuck on row 30 of the body. If I follow the chart or the written instructions, my stitch count doesn’t’ stay correct. I am using a ring marker between each 16-stitch section and have the extra end stitch at the beginning. When I work the row, I end up one stitch short. Thanks for your help.

Comment by Willow 07.13.09 @ 2:12 pm

I am presently working on Bigfoot Shawl, while trying to make up my mind which Surgeon to use for prostate cancer surgery. It keeps me occupied. I have also been taking Spanish classes. I think I will put off the last two classes until after the surgery has been done.

Comment by William DuBois 08.23.09 @ 5:49 pm

I hope you still check this area…
I am currently working on the Michelle shawl and just completed row #20, where it would seem that I made a mistake.
I understood that the row was supposed to end with a SSK stich, instead of the repeated sl 1-K2Tog-PSSO stitch. However, when I got there, I still had three stitches on my left needle and the SSK would only use two of them.
Please help, I’ve already had to rip this down about 10 times and I’m getting ready to throw up my hands and quit…


Comment by Elizabeth 07.28.10 @ 3:51 pm

I am working on the Bigfoot shawl and row 30 chart is different from the written instructions. which is correct. thanks

Comment by kris 06.21.11 @ 6:05 am

Hi Alison,
I’m making the Bigfoot shawl as a gift. I just finished the yoke and have my 385 stitches. For some reason, I can’t get the body to work for me. I always end up with the wrong count or number of stitches left. Can you tell me what I’m doing wrong??
Thank you so much, I love the book but really want to get this to work for me!

Comment by Lauren 06.28.11 @ 4:45 pm

Hi Alison, This is the second shawl I have made from your boook Wrapped in Comfort. I am doing the smaller version of Karen’s Water Turtles. Every thing was fine until I was doing the second repeat of rows 14-21 (using the directions from the bigger version)The first repeat you K2tog, on row 20. When you get to the second repeat on row 16 you end the row short 2 stitches. Could you please tell me what I seem to be doing wrong. Thanks so much for your help. Hope L.

Comment by Hope Lambert 08.20.12 @ 8:20 am

Hi,I have just had a look at your site and I am wondering wwhere I can buy your book. Could you email me please with the details.Thank you.Joan Pettett

Comment by Joan Pettett 05.09.13 @ 6:26 pm

Hi there, wasn’t sure if this was the right place to ask a question about Kathy’s Clover-Chain Shawl, but hopefully you will see this. I’ve had your book for quite some time and couldn’t pick which shawl to start out with. I thought this was a lovely pattern and figured it was a good one to try. But, I have an issue with Row 30, the written words and chart are different.I checked for erratta and for this pattern it starts on row 52. Could you please look at the written directions vs. the chart and let me know which is correct. I’ll hold off knitting that row till I hear back for you, thanks so much, rhoda.

Comment by Rhoda Lipphard 05.16.13 @ 8:25 am

Hi Alison,
I am having trouble with the embossed Diamonds. When I get to the end of my rows I either have too many stitches or not enough. When I add up all the stitches by row repeats and the beginning and the ending every row is different. I was going with 189 cast on stitches. Please help me in what I am doing wrong please.

Comment by Toni Watson 10.23.15 @ 6:27 pm

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