Radios, packages, and, you are getting very sheepy
Monday October 19th 2009, 5:34 pm
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For those who wanted to know what I was listening to Thursday night, thanks to KDFC’s website, I found it; it’s Jonathan Biss (I read it as “Bliss” the first time, too funny) and his album is here.

I got a surprise package today from Cathy, who’s been ill herself, but here she was, thinking of me instead.

And from Anniebee. And Margaret. Julie. Stephanie. Kimberly. Ruth. Wishing me well on recovering from my last surgery, with cards, hot cocoa, dark chocolate (Cathy), handmade stitch markers (Ruth), the best use of a stray bit of dyed wool I’ve ever seen on Margaret’s card, and a handbeaded coin purse, sachets, a Canadian maplewood bookmarker, and a handknit pearled (spelled that right) flower pin from Anniebee.  My goodness. Thank you! To that I guess I owe a how-I’m-doing, which is very well overall. I did lift a 25 lb bag of birdseed Saturday and realized that I might want to wait just a little longer on that; I was testing my scars to see if I’m up to using my heavy dyepot yet.  It’s been a year since I made dye out of my fading amaryllis flowers, and I am antsy.  The answer would be, honestly, not quite yet. But close!

And in the random findings department.  Sometimes some things (this is their photo) just grab your attention. Like a hand (partly) -spun  handmade wool wedding dress and groom’s vest from the bride’s Lincoln Longwool sheep. Note that this is not a soft-haired breed; this is the sturdy stuff they make carpeting out of.  Honey, just don’t let him walk all over you.  I do love the effect of alternating solid locks with fluffy, whiter slightly-pulled-apart ones, and clearly it’s all been solidified and felted a bit by washing, but I gotta tell you–she got fleeced.

Little Bo Peep, did she lose any sleep over whether she’d be dragging her veil behind her?

But once you get pasture initial reaction, hey, clearly, they’re having a good time: already raising a little cane there, and everything’s rosey.

Add a little Biss-ful Beethoven, and there ewe go.

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That dress totally rocks. It is what a wedding dress should be – a statement of who the bride is. And the sheep in the article is even better!

Comment by twinsetellen 10.19.09 @ 6:54 pm

Alison, it’s such a great pleasure, every day, to read your posts as you get better. I’m glad our little package of treasures has made it safely to you, and gladder yet that it’s arrived to find you healing so well!

Comment by Anniebee 10.19.09 @ 6:59 pm

So glad you got it all in one piece 🙂 I’m sure it won’t stay that way for long – so many goodies to enjoy, especially the handmade ones. Also good to hear you are feeling so well! Patience on the lifting, but you’ll get there!!

Saw the dress a few months back – had to be very warm, but lovely!

Comment by Cathy (catsandyarn on Ravelry) 10.19.09 @ 6:59 pm

Oh, you are soooo punny! You’re gonna give ole Don a run for his money.

Comment by Ruth 10.19.09 @ 9:11 pm

Noticed she wasn’t too sentimental about her sheep…lamb was served at the reception.

We may give up on a project, but, hey, we NEVER eat it!

Comment by Barbara-Kay 10.20.09 @ 12:14 am

Giggles galore. :)Ewe-r killin’ me.

Comment by Toni Smoky-Mountains 10.20.09 @ 3:49 am

Very thoughtful of your friends to gift you with all those goodies…and chocolate….wow!

I saw the picture of the bride in this dress. Quite unique and memorable.

Comment by Joansie 10.20.09 @ 5:02 am

That’s an amazing dress!

Comment by Susan 10.20.09 @ 5:55 am

Thanks for posting the Beethoven info. I’m going to keep an eye out for it!

Comment by Robbyn 10.20.09 @ 6:22 am

I should go back and try to count the puns in there. I bet that is one HEAVY dress!

Comment by Channon 10.20.09 @ 6:42 am

I love how your mind works! Lovely post.

I’m glad this package gave you a hint to let us know about your recovery. All these outings should have told us you are doing well, but it’s good to know you are still trying to be a good patient. 🙂

Comment by Suzanne in Mtl 10.20.09 @ 7:43 am

Note to Channon: I counted six puns, but of course I could have missed a few.

Note to Ruth: Alison is MUCH better than I at punning.

Note to Alison: It is SO good to hear that you are doing so much better! Does that mean I can stop putting jokes on your blog? I’m starting to run out of material.

Oh, well, here is something funny:

Seen in Newspapers:

Vacation Special: have your home exterminated.

Mt. Kilimanjaro, the breathtaking backdrop for the Serena Lodge. Swim in the lovely pool while you drink it all in. The hotel has bowling alleys, tennis courts, comfortable beds, and other athletic facilities.

Get rid of aunts. Zap does the job in 24 hours.

Toaster: a gift that every member of the family appreciates. Automatically burns toast.

For Rent: 6-room hated apartment. Man, honest. Will take anything.

Used cars: why go elsewhere to be cheated. Come here first.

Christmas tag-sale. Handmade gifts for the hard-to-find person.

Wanted: hair cutter. Excellent growth potential.

Wanted: man to take care of cow that does not smoke or drink.

Comment by Don Meyer 10.20.09 @ 9:54 am

What a lovely surprise!
I adore getting stuff in the mail. I even got excited by my free “Kaboom” toilet cleaner sample last week.

Comment by Diana Troldahl 10.20.09 @ 3:34 pm

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