The grand chuckle
Thursday January 29th 2009, 6:33 pm
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So.  Last night at bedtime I offered up a prayer, wondering if this surgery really would totally cure my Crohn’s forever and I’d never have to worry about it again.  What I felt in response!  An overwhelming sense of love and compassion from Above and at the same time: that God laughed.  Offering to me such joy as He did so so as to make me want to laugh for joy too.  I don’t know what the future holds, but, if and when it comes–we’ll handle that one together too.

And all felt right in the world.

(Ed. to add: surgery at noon tomorrow is the plan.  Operating room times vary in real life, but, it’s tomorrow about then.)

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You’re going in today and I’m thinking about you, starting now, sending wishes to your surgeon for a steady hand and a keen eye, to your family for calm while they wait and most of all to you. You’ve already got the great attitude and hope, so I’m sending wishes for a body that will cooperate and knit up fast.

Comment by Lene 01.30.09 @ 8:22 am

WOw, what happens when you get buried in ice and cut off from the universe beyond line of sight.

the only songs that come to mind are the really gross ones that make you nauseous so you don’t want to eat, and I think I won’t post those for the sake of the other readers.

Comment by catherine 01.30.09 @ 8:24 am

Wow, Alison. Your willingness to be in the moment but live for the future is inspiring.

I loooooove you. Sending all good energy I can muster to California.


Comment by LynnH 01.30.09 @ 8:43 am

Alison: Went to South Bay Knitters last night and all send their love, prayers and good wishes to you for today. Special big hugs from me. The hyacinth is blooming again (2nd bloom so far this year on this bulb) – it’s a good sign!

Comment by Nina 01.30.09 @ 8:44 am

:—->; !!!! 🙂

Comment by LauraN 01.30.09 @ 9:32 am

Hi Alison
It has been to long since I have seen you at SBK, I was sorry to hear that you were in the hospital.
But I have to agree with you that God will take care of what he feels he needs to. I will add you to my prayer list and in a weird way it is a good feeling to know that he laughs at us!
I hope to see you soon, I just have classes now on Thursdays so it has cut into my knitting time with all of you.

Comment by Donna 01.30.09 @ 9:44 am

I’m praying for you, for a successful surgery and a speedy recovery. And for your family and friends. I’m so happy whenever I come over and I see that you were well enough to post. ((hugs))

Comment by Genny 01.30.09 @ 9:47 am

I’ll be praying for you and your family. May you have the best outcome possible.

Comment by LisaK 01.30.09 @ 10:05 am

Richard, Mom and Dad, you’re in my prayers — Alison has a direct link to God and they’re doing fine. I worry about you — please keep yourselves healthy so you can help Alison heal after her surgery. Laughter is good! Chicken soup is good! Hot Chocolate is best! Please give Alison lots of hugs from her friends all around the world who care for her so much. We’re all pacing the hallways with you today. Love, Nancy

Comment by Nancy 01.30.09 @ 10:07 am

It’s about that time now and you’re in my thoughts.

Comment by Susan 01.30.09 @ 10:35 am

Alison, you’re in my prayers! I’ll be looking forward to hearing good news!

Comment by Karen 01.30.09 @ 11:01 am

My thoughts are with you. ::hugs:: and smiling energy right back at ya!

Comment by Alicia 01.30.09 @ 11:29 am


Comment by mary seabrook 01.30.09 @ 11:39 am

What everyone else has said, plus…

I am so glad that waiting for surgery has not been drawn out, with you left hanging over the weekend. If I go by California time, you have about an hour until the operation. I am going to knit quietly and keep you in my thoughts, and look forward to an update from Richard when he has a moment.

God’s laughter. My! That must have been awesome!

I also wanted to say that I love it when your Dad writes a comment. He sounds so dear and kind, even just through black and white text on a computer screen. And he gave me a chuckle with the Kristen Lavransdottir reference. (I read the first of the series a long time ago. Should try the others now that I am older and might have a better understanding of Kristen’s later years.)

Oh, well, what’s left to say? I wish you a swift, pain-free recovery, and look forward to “talking” with you again when you feel up to it.

Comment by Paula 01.30.09 @ 11:57 am

I am here…asking for Angel wings to hold you up while you are in surgery…as well Angels all around you to keep you safe!
I love you!

Comment by Sheila E 01.30.09 @ 12:11 pm

Alison~Noon is approaching and I’m sending all the healing thoughts I can muster up! And keeping you, your family and your medical team in my prayers, too. Take Care! ~karen

Comment by karen w 01.30.09 @ 12:19 pm

Richard says Alison is in pre-op and getting another unit of blood (pre-surgery…she’ll need it, I guess.) Anyway, I’m praying for ALL of you. Richard & Mom–chat and the time she’s in surgery will pass quickly–it has worked for me when loved ones are in surgery.
Alison–sleep well and wake refreshed and Crohn’s free! (Can’t have troubles with a colon that’s not there–a real ‘cure’ for what ails you m’dear.)
Love you all.

Comment by Karen 01.30.09 @ 12:32 pm

Hi. I just discovered your blog, via a suggestion from Joansie at Knitting by the Ocean. I have lifted you in prayer before our heavenly Father. I have asked Him for a creative miracle in your behalf. As you are brought to my mind in coming days, I will pray for your COMPLETE, and rapid recovery, in the name of Jesus.

Comment by Renna 01.30.09 @ 1:38 pm

Hi. I hope your surgery goes/went well and I have you in my prayers too. In case you can’t place me, I’m the one who the face mask at one of the meetings at Commuknity. Take care.

Comment by Sandra 01.30.09 @ 1:50 pm

How wonderful1 We all knew God was looking out for you. It is already ‘tomorrow’ here, so I will start praying now and get a bit of a head start in. Lots of prayers for the surgery and your recovery. I look forward to hearing about the great results!

Comment by Vicki 01.30.09 @ 2:18 pm

Richard says “I will update facebook and blog when I know something they just took her in.”

Bless you for keeping us informed. And may the Lord’s had be resting on that of the surgeon.

Comment by Karen 01.30.09 @ 2:29 pm

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