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Tuesday November 11th 2008, 8:30 pm
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Occasional-commenter Laura came by this morning, and the three of us had a grand reunion.

Laura was a college friend of ours; she was the roommate of my husband’s cousin, and then her cousin married my sister.  Small world.  She grew up on the opposite bank of the Potomac from us, quite nearby as the Baltimore Oriole flies.  We ran into her randomly in Oakland one day about fifteen years ago and have stayed in touch ever since.  She and her family moved back home to Virginia a few years ago.

She surprised me with a copy–which she signed for me–of her delightful new children’s book, “Mrs. Muddle’s Holidays.”  Cool!  Thank you!

Later in the afternoon, my knitting friend Robin, who lives in my hometown and whose brother lives a mile from me in California, came by.  She took me over to Woolwinders, a LYS in Rockville where they had a Michelle shawl up on display. Cool!

A woman came in, Tina, who was gobsmacked by my Kaffe Fassett coat and asked and tried it on and twirled around in it.  She ran to the mirror, telling me how much she’d been wanting to make a Kaffe Fassett, scrunching it up to her face in sheer joy that such a thing of so much color existed.  I have to say, that coat looked much better on her than me–but not enough to get me to let her keep it, much though she would have loved that.  Then she found out who I was, and her excitement over that–she’d been checking my book out of the library over and over and had decided she simply had to buy it, and wow, here I was!  On a day she never ever comes in to the store, she said, but today she did, and she was just so ecstatic over the whole thing.

Let me tell you, I would happily spend the hundreds and hundreds of hours it took and write another book just for moments like the ones she gifted me with.  Many thanks, Tina!  And to Robin for letting it happen.

And to Laura for her own book and for staying friends through the years and the distances.

Tina twirled and hugged the coat one more time–and another and another–before she let us go.

Yeah, I’d say definitely yes, new friends are really cool too.

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Woolwinders? Like in King Farm?! LOL! Wish I’d known you were there – I was at my other job… about 2 minutes walk away *HUGS*


Comment by Amy 11.11.08 @ 9:17 pm

I was commenting to Robin as we got to the end of Rockville Pike that I remember the road turning to gravel and basically ending at the point where we were, which was just before King Farm. I forget how close some places really are that are now connected up that didn’t used to be.

Comment by AlisonH 11.11.08 @ 9:28 pm

What a wonderful interlude in the midst of a great trip! So glad you’re enjoying your visit to the East.

Comment by Ruth 11.11.08 @ 11:24 pm

There are no coincidences… 😉

Comment by Channon 11.12.08 @ 6:56 am

Wow! I own WoolWinders and I made the Michelle shawl while on vacation in Africa two summers ago. Thanks for coming by and thanks for creating such gorgeous designs.


Comment by jacqui 11.12.08 @ 7:11 am

I really enjoy your blog. You write so excitedly about life it makes me smile!

Comment by Lori 11.12.08 @ 9:04 am

What a great story about meeting Tina!

Comment by amy 11.12.08 @ 9:15 am

Sing with me,”It’s a small world after all….” That is so cool. In all ways.

Comment by Carol 11.12.08 @ 2:01 pm

How wonderful! That woman will always remember the day she tried on your coat and then realised who you were. She has a special memory for life. Friends are a wonderful thing, old and new. See, only good things happen in any LYS!

Comment by Vicki 11.12.08 @ 2:11 pm

but but but that is how we all feel about your book and you!!

Comment by rho1640 11.12.08 @ 6:54 pm

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