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Tuesday July 02nd 2024, 9:29 pm
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The San Jose peregrines: one sister did not survive fledging, the other three are doing fine.

There have never been all females before.

They are notably more social than past fledglings. They hang out. They have sleepovers–none of this snoozing on separate buildings nonsense.

They are so funny. They play mid-air. They hang around the home nest and runway instead of dispersing further and further away. They tease each other. They dance with their heads. They’ll repeatedly put out a foot to hold up a sibling: You didn’t say Simon Says! Or actually push her with it. And step on her tail if that didn’t get enough attention. Or pull on a feather. (28 seconds in) or (Mom! She’s not sharing!) reach between her sister’s feet to steal the prey. (2:40.)

From the cool of early morning, before it hit 102F in our town: Bouncy bouncy bounce! Skid! Bounce!

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It’s so interesting that they’re behaving differently than the males do! Who would have thought falcons would be into girlfriend hangouts.

Comment by ccr in MA 07.03.24 @ 8:53 am

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