The verdict
Thursday May 30th 2024, 8:59 pm
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It’s not just twelve. It’s not even just 34. It’s 408 individual decisions, after hearing and observing and considering all the evidence and asking for a repeat on salient points and then coming to a unanimous decision of unanimously guilty.

Even from the guy who at the outset said he got his news from the former guy’s website: thirty-four of those decisions were made by him.

As Doonesbury cartooned re Nixon years ago, GUILTY GUILTY GUILTY!

Knowing all that the little mobster’s minions were capable of, those jurors chose to vote what they knew to be true for our children’s children’s children’s sakes as well as ours. They are heroes.

An hour later, my phone rang.

A driver had zoomed through a right-on-red and suddenly found my kid on the hood of their car, waved hi as the pedestrian slid off, and kept on going.

The car coming up behind him was an ambulance. A picture got taken of the guy’s license plate and they called another ambulance and the cops.

The ER said no breaks found, and that is a very very good thing, but it’s going to hurt for awhile.

Meantime, the jury in New York City decided that there would be no breaks in the rule of law no matter what the defendant’s former title was–not on their watch!

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Wow!! So glad your son/daughter is OK.

And, yes, glad that trial is over. On to the next.

(And, can we please get all the Supreme Court Justices to behave like honest, law-abiding citizens? They don’t just answer to mere mortals … perhaps they need to be reminded who is ultimately in charge of all this. Justice with a little fear of God on the side.)

Comment by Anne 05.31.24 @ 12:17 am

Oh goodness! Very glad it’s only bruises, even though they will hurt for a bit. My favorite reactions to the verdict are the ones who say “if it can happen to him, it can happen to anyone in America!” Yeah, that’s the point. It’s called the rule of law. ::eyeroll::

Comment by Pegi F 05.31.24 @ 3:22 am

Oh no! So thankful there’s no breaks, but man that sounds so scary. Wishing a speedy recovery, and that they find the hit-and-runner. And, yes, I was surprised by the verdict. I expected guilty on one, maybe a few, just to slap his hand. But all 34 is SO good! Total heroes!

Comment by DebbieR 05.31.24 @ 7:57 am

What is with people hitting people WITH CARS and just driving off? It’s not like you just hit a tree or something. *sigh* Speedy recovery and may justice happen for the driver.

Comment by NGS 06.02.24 @ 11:43 am

Wait, the driver waved at your kid and then drove off?! The nerve! So glad they’re okay.

And so glad for that verdict. I too was afraid to wish that the right thing would happen, but it did. That’s not nothing.

Comment by ccr in MA 06.05.24 @ 11:34 am

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