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Thursday May 09th 2024, 9:33 pm
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A weird little puzzle for you:

I am knitting the ribbing with two strands, one large ball, one smaller. They sit there side by side getting occasionally yanked as I pull the next bit of yarn towards me, but they are not rolling around each other and they’re not entangling nor really moving much at all.

So how in the name of physics is it that the strand of the smaller ball keeps getting wrapped around the other? Always in the same direction, and to the point that twice a row I have to stop and unwind them lest the growing kinks wreck the feel and look of the thing.

The two splitty strands in a very dark blue against black wooden needles with the yarn constantly weaving back and forth for the knit one purl ones means I can’t really take my eyes off what I’m working on to investigate the shenanigans of those two balls as I go.

But it’s been consistent. And mystifying. If the yarn were overspun, that might at least feel like it makes some sense even if it doesn’t, but if I let a length of it hang down from a ball it hangs straight. As it should.


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Torque? In the process of creating stitches, you are twisting the yarns together as you knit. (Just a thought.)

Comment by Anne 05.09.24 @ 11:47 pm

Plus when you turn your piece to knit back the other direction.

Comment by DebbieR 05.10.24 @ 8:14 am

Also, if the ball of yarn was wound from a cone of yarn by taking the yarn from the top of the cone, that adds a twist to the yarn. Think of, or try, pulling toilet paper from the top of the roll as it sits on the tube; it spirals candy-cane style.

Comment by DebbieR 05.10.24 @ 8:53 am

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