I seem to have done that pattern a lot lately, how about a new one
Wednesday March 20th 2024, 9:17 pm
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I always figure if a doctor is running late it’s because someone really needed their time and got it and I’m all for that.

Still, I teased her: I finished my knitting project. I’ve never done that before. I had to read my phone like normal people!

She chuckled.

You were out on maternity leave. Your little one must be–kindergarten?

She loved that I remembered: He’s in first grade.

So is one of my grandsons!

Okay, so with that bit of reconnecting after that long gap we sat down and talked bone densities.

I had been wondering why I needed to wait months for a new-patient visit when I hardly considered myself such, but in fact she spent an hour being very thorough, checking every possible med for possible interactions with my new meds since the last time I saw her, every trajectory on this osteoporosis history.

Turns out that what they’ve learned since I had Prolia infusions eleven years ago is that if you stop taking it the bones regress to where you were before you started. Oh. There was good reason to stop it at the time, but now it’s time to try something new, so we are.

I fell Sunday (fairly spectacularly, with multiple people running for me and half the crowded room suddenly frozen–I was not trying to be that good at it) and twice more last night. She was wondering if I remembered her saying to always try to catch yourself in a fall because hand bones heal much faster than hips and I told her, I remembered that and I was really good, I did exactly that! I broke my finger in two places the next day!

I didn’t need to be quite that compliant, like, this was not an encouragement to go throwing myself around.

I know…

Sudden side note to myself: now, while I’m thinking about it, I need to quick go figure out a new carry-around project and put it in my purse because it is out of knitting and there’s that mammogram in the morning.

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Oh dear…heal quickly. 🙁

Comment by Jayleen Hatmaker 03.21.24 @ 7:20 am

Oh no! Hoping that broken finger doesn’t get in the way of your knitting, and that it heals quickly. Do I need to make you a bubble-wrap suit?

Comment by DebbieR 03.21.24 @ 7:41 am

Oh, goodness, be careful! Yes, fingers are better than hips, but not falling is better all the way.

Comment by ccr in MA 03.21.24 @ 12:55 pm

The broken finger was the last time I saw her–before our respective six year olds were born. No worries!

Comment by AlisonH 03.21.24 @ 9:09 pm

So, I’m younger than you, but I broke the thumb on my dominant hand and it never healed right and now there are so many things that are so hard to do, so while hand bones might heal better than hips, they’re still no joke! Please take care! And heal quickly!

Comment by NGS 03.22.24 @ 6:26 am

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