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Tuesday February 20th 2024, 10:11 pm
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7:20, right on time even though my alarm hadn’t gone off (the sound, yes, the vibrations I needed to know that it was sounding, no) and it was a mad scramble.

The antibiotics, started Friday evening, had helped some. Not quickly and not entirely but most of the swelling, which by Sunday had gone from a half inch above the eyebrow to most of my cheek, was gone on Monday. Just the upper eyelid still. Yay.

She had wanted to see it.

And so bright and early she was physically removing that persistent infectious thumbprint’s worth. A new, topical antibiotic (but continue with the oral one.) Come back Friday.

And hopefully that will end that.

But you know what? Back in–October I think? October’s when my sister got her afghan. But just before I sent it off I found the big metal yarn needle I’d dropped by getting up from the floor and putting my knee on it.

Two or three weeks later that knee started being achey and a little stiff–but on the side now, not where I’d skewered it, which was healing. The pattern of hurting in the morning and then easing off was typical of lupus, so, eh. It wasn’t terrible.

Still, I’ve thought for months now that I really ought to drag myself to the doctor over it just in case something was going on because none of my other joints were doing that.

Those antibiotics that are only mostly-helping on my eye socket seem to have completely cured my knee. All that time and it was that easy to fix? At long long last all that is entirely gone and it is wonderful.

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Wonderful! So hoping that is it and your knee stays pain free.

Comment by DebbieR 02.21.24 @ 8:26 am

Well, now, isn’t that a silver lining to your current situation!

Comment by ccr in MA 02.21.24 @ 8:42 am

That is wonderful knee news. Crossing fingers that the eye socket follows suit.

Comment by Ellen 02.21.24 @ 9:57 am

Lesson learned that if something is bothering you for longer than a couple of weeks, you should have it checked out!!

Comment by NGS 02.21.24 @ 2:17 pm

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