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Wednesday February 14th 2024, 8:12 pm
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The good news is that if you pay for Priority Express Overnight they guarantee it will get there when they say it will.

The bad news is, when it doesn’t, you have to wait seven days to file while they hope you’ll forget or lose the receipt or interest and go away.

The good news is that the apricot tree arrived safe and sound.

The bad/good news is, but not till this afternoon, which means I now have to remember where that receipt is (it’s tucked in my Sierra Club Engagement Calendar by the computer to make sure it stays right there and in mind.)

So that splurge of a shipping fee won’t have been after all. If they only refund to the difference between the timing I paid for and what I got, I’m fine with that, but it sounds like the full fee.

It came! She got it!

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I had a FedEx package that was supposed to arrive on a Tuesday, just before our recent ice and snowstorm. It didn’t. It arrived at a local distribution center that Sunday. Then sat for more than 10 days – several days after the roads had cleared. I called and they said it was “on its way”. Frustrated, I called the store’s customer service line. They were as frustrated as I was. The rep called FedEx and asked about the package. When they told her “it’s on its way”, she said “no, it’s not”. Somehow, my package managed to arrive the next day!!

Hope USPS is reasonable and gives you your refund.

Comment by Anne 02.15.24 @ 1:44 am

So happy it got there and so hoping it thrives. USPS just isn’t as reliable as they used to be. No surprise after DeJoy eliminated overtime, and banned late or additional trips to deliver mail soon after he took office in 2020. Be sure to save the screenshots of when the package was mailed and delivered. Good luck!

Comment by DebbieR 02.15.24 @ 7:57 am

Such a relief that it got there! But yes, you definitely should get that money back–that’s a lot of $$ for something they didn’t do right.

Comment by ccr in MA 02.16.24 @ 6:52 am

Crossing fingers on that refund!

Comment by Ellen 02.19.24 @ 5:31 pm

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