Super blooms
Thursday February 08th 2024, 11:13 pm
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I bought these bulbs in early Fall of 2000. I will always know when. The bag was a mixture of types and I should have realized they wouldn’t all bloom at the same time for the look I was hoping for, but over time I’ve been just as glad. All these years of mostly drought and a few of heavy winter rains later, they just keep coming up, staggered by both time and its inadvertent spacing rather than a tidy row all at once.

And every year they remind me.

I had so been looking forward to having them blooming along the walkway.

Then my car got rear-ended and slammed into a third car and the world spun around and it wouldn’t stop. Bright and shiny things were RIGHTTHERE at my nose and dull things were far away and my eyes tried to argue but my brain would collapse my left side.

That speeder had taken a lot away from me but he was not going to take away my daffodils. I got down on my knees and with my left hand held onto the ground (held it up, it felt like) that wanted to smack me in the face and with the right hand I dug down and planted. It was frustrating, it was hard, it took a long time, and my brain didn’t know whether to throw up or just cry.

But then there was the satisfaction that I had done it. I had planned it, I had made it happen, I had done the work no matter how hard it was to do and I was going to get to see flowers every spring. Tulip bulbs, I had learned, were total squirrel catnip but daffodils they won’t go near.

My eyes gradually learned how to overrule my brain. Balance is still tactile and visual and a cane is my extra sensory perception mode, my left side still sometimes goes wonky–bump me from behind where I can’t see you coming and we’ll have our own sudden game of Calvinball.

There was the extreme drought year where I got leaves but only a single blossom at the end of the walkway–and it disappeared while we were at church. The then-toddler’s mom laughed with me years later when I told her where he’d absconded with it from.

These were knocked down by Sunday’s huge storm. They picked themselves right back up–not bolt upright but neither are the flowers smacked face down in the mud any more, either. They want to be seen.

While the next patch is getting ready to open up. There will be another bunch after that, and another after that.

They are a forever reminder of the passing of time and how good life has been. Even that was worth it. It has to be, it’s not like I had a choice so it is, but, it actually is.

It helped me learn which way up is.

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Imagine our joy to find copious daffodils in our front yard when spring arrived at our new home! This year, they are just starting to pop up … trying desperately to be here for St David’s Day, March 1st. (Being part Welsh, I pay attention to these things.)

Comment by Anne 02.08.24 @ 11:52 pm

Such lovely daffodils! Amazing that they just keep going for so many years.
And yes such a memory for you managing to get them planted back in 2000.
I need to plant more daffodils. Toronto has a lot of squirrels – I love tulips but yes so do the squirrels.
Have a good weekend!

Comment by Lisa R-R, Toronto 02.09.24 @ 5:51 am

A mix of feelings to the memory, but overall a happy one–triumphant!

Comment by ccr in MA 02.09.24 @ 7:10 am

A little reward for yourself every year. Well done.

Comment by Chris+S+in+Canada 02.09.24 @ 7:43 am

So lovely to enjoy and a reminder that time does heal, with a lot of hard work. And still you bounce right back up like you’re flowers.

Comment by DebbieR 02.09.24 @ 8:39 am

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