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Thursday February 15th 2024, 9:26 pm
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(Medical stuff. Sorry. Here, let me throw an afghan picture in there. Wait. Does that creek look like a top-down sock with the toe needing kitchenering to anybody other than me?)


It’s weird, I said.

It IS weird, the doctor answered.

The lump started growing back last week. At first I thought it, nah, couldn’t be, that’s just from the biopsy.

But then it grew by the day, quite a bit faster than the first time (which was Thanksgiving to Jan. 9), going from a hard little round thing hidden under the skin to a large swollen angry red spot that someone in a lupus group Zoom meeting yesterday commented on–she could see it.

The original had never gotten to that point.

I messaged the eye doctor two days ago. This time it wasn’t an occasional small twinge, either, it was definitely painful and itchy. I got an appointment for next Friday.

By yesterday the only reason I wasn’t running to the clinic to see any doctor, anybody! was that I had a long-scheduled dermatology check today. And dermatology seemed a logical place anyway.

So there I was.

She looked at the pathology report to reassure herself of the biopsy having been negative. But then how–?

So. The lump is gone, the lump is back, it’s thumbnail sized and the eyelid is red and puffy. I picked up a prescription for a steroid cream and came home exhausted and starting to feel a little feverish.

After about an hour with my feet up, without even having done or taken anything yet, there was the most unexpected sensation: like it was receding. A little, but, hey! I got up and looked in the mirror and my eyelid did look less puffy and it hurt less. Huh! Yay! I’ll take it!

But now my upper cheek was. And it wasn’t when she snapped a picture for the other doctor. Doesn’t hurt, though.

So weird.

At least everything’s still working fine.

The dermatologist is going to keep close tabs on this with the eye doctor. She made sure I knew I was to call if I needed it for anything, any time.

It’s surely a complete non-sequitur, but I am so glad I got both my Shingrix shots!

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Well, that’s all a bit worrying! I’m glad your doctors are on top of it.

Comment by ccr in MA 02.16.24 @ 6:50 am

Lumps and bumps and inflammation…shoo! Go away!

Comment by Jayleen Hatmaker 02.16.24 @ 10:52 am

Yes! It most certainly looks like a sock!

Comment by Jayleen Hatmaker 02.16.24 @ 10:53 am

Totally my agree with your sock river. And yikes! Sorry about the return of that lump. May it disappear asap.

Comment by DebbieR 02.16.24 @ 8:23 pm

This seems very stressful! Hugs to you and hopes that the mysterious bump disappears on its own!

Comment by NGS 02.19.24 @ 7:32 am

Oh, yikes, hoping to read ahead and find that the lump is gone and took the pain with it.

Comment by Ellen 02.19.24 @ 5:28 pm

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