Terrible Teresa smiles and says, I’ll take the one in the middle
Saturday January 27th 2024, 10:54 pm
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(A Shel Silverstein quote.)

Do not start a major project in intarsia at night when you have cataracts. Cataracts decrease the amount of blue you can see.

This afternoon I found myself suddenly needing, couldn’t tell you why, to doublecheck on my kilogram of the background color I was working with.

All there was was what was right there. Two big balls, one on each side of the river.

But that can’t possibly be!

It was.

I went through everything, stepped away awhile to take a deep breath, and then went through everything again.

Well but I could…

…That wouldn’t look great and you know it.

Well I…

It took me four hours to realize that even though I was sure Colourmart was sold out of it from their sale, maybe they actually weren’t? I absolutely hadn’t been going to buy any more yarn right now, but…

That, and, I checked out my Purchase History. Yup. That color. Two.

They did, they had one single 150 gram cone of the Willow left and I ordered it immediately, twisted to an 8-ply again. Measuring what I have and the length I’ve gotten out of them, I should be able to adapt the design and make it work out–but I may have to overdye a particular stash yarn in hopes of getting the shade I want to go with it, and if that doesn’t work I’ll let the much darker one I have be good enough.

But that kilogram? I do, I have it. It’s just in a lighter much brighter shade.┬áThe one I thought I was starting with, and the Willow was supposed to be the middle third at most of the afghan.

Somehow, the thought kept coming back to me again and again as I was trying to take all this in: And someday you’ll be glad of this.

Which means it will all work out, because of course it has to.

I took this photo this afternoon and then all I got done was my minimum two rows because I was halfway through the second one when I suddenly needed to go doublecheck and and and.

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Oh dear. What a puzzle to sort out. But it will be OK.

Comment by Chris+S+in+Canada 01.28.24 @ 6:46 am

Love Shel Silverstein! And so sorry for the yarn conundrum. It will work out, it always has, one way or another. I learned colors dulled with cataracts, but never thought about the blue specifically. So true. After my cataract surgery I was delighted to find my fuchsia roses hadn’t reverted to tomato red root stock afterall.

Comment by DebbieR 01.28.24 @ 10:21 am

and the scary thing about getting cataracts out is looking at what you have knit/stitched/whatever in the last couple of years when you really, honestly couldn’t see color differences that were obvious to everyone else.
Pick your colors when you have great light and, if needed, get someone to double check. Do not ask me how I know this…

Comment by Holy 01.28.24 @ 8:17 pm

You blow my mind as you figure this stuff out!

Comment by ccr in MA 01.29.24 @ 6:56 pm

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