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Sunday September 24th 2023, 8:51 pm
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So we have this standing understanding: friend Lee drives us to the airport, those times when that works out for him, and I bake him a chocolate torte. He always tells me I don’t have to, I always tell him thank you for the ride and that I’m going to, he always loves that I do and I always love that he’s always so ready to help.

Went to the grocery store right after we got home from our trip on Monday. Forgot the cream. Oh well, I had a big enough job to do that day as it was.

Wednesday. Went to the grocery store. Got the cream.

Wait. We were never out of Trader Joe’s dark Pound Plus bars, those are a staple in our house for baking–but we were out.

Thursday. Went to Trader Joe’s, got the bar.

Came home and–nope, not a one. Every last stick of butter had been in the freezer in the garage. The one where the door had bounced open the night before the trip. All we’d been able to do before our flight was close that door and be glad that at least it wouldn’t be five days’ worth of decay when we cleaned it out. Still, Monday, even the vegan cupcakes smelled like they’d gone bad. Out.

And you have to compost-bin the compostables and recycle the recyclables which means half-thawing stuff to get them to separate because the plastic wrap has to come off those chicken breasts and man oh man and glad it’s not a hot day and that the trash guys were coming so the neighbors wouldn’t have to smell that outside for days.

Finally went back last night to the store and this time I didn’t forget to buy new butter. Although by that point I was half-sure I would still be missing something else when I got home. Sugar, cocoa, vanilla, salt, eggs–nope, we’re good this time.

Tonight, at long last, I called ahead and then we drove over and handed Lee his newly-glazed chocolate torte with the extra thick ganache just for them and he was very very happy as he inhaled that deep dark sweet essence.

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Tragi-comedy at its best/worst.
Glad the torte got made! Sorry about the freezer.

Comment by Chris+S+in+Canada 09.25.23 @ 6:47 am

Oh goodness! Happy for you that the freezer wasn’t more of a trial. A friend was leaving on a trip, husband was in the car as she fished through the fridge for sodas for the road. Wasn’t sure which he’d prefer so dashed out with 2 for him to choose. He liked one and she the other, so got in the car and they left. 5 days later a son stopped by to borrow a tool and found their fridge door wide open, most everything spoiled. Oops!

Comment by DebbieR 09.25.23 @ 8:42 am

I had to make TWO trips to the grocery store yesterday to make some bog standard muffins. What is even going on?

Comment by NGS 09.25.23 @ 9:29 am

Gracious, it’s like that torte didn’t want to get made! But those are the rules, have to make the torte. I’m glad it got done in the end.

Comment by ccr in MA 09.25.23 @ 1:30 pm

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