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Tuesday September 26th 2023, 9:52 pm
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It didn’t absolutely need the framing at the sides, but I like it so much better, as you and I and everyone and anyone knew. One side to go. Thank you!

Edited to add: I wrote this and only then did it hit me: I spent all that time adding the scuffed spot in the grass under the tire swing to give it a sense of motion, the leaves on the flower, snipping the yarn ends, hours counting stitches and doing the ribbing on one side and not only did I not do the door handle, I snipped the end that was going to BE the door handle! Aargh!

So to write down quick what I just did because I got a nice lever handle and I’ll never remember how I did it: I brought the new yarn from below the door frame, crossed it over to the nearest stitch on the door, held that from pulling out while I got out a knitting needle and used the sideways bar I’d just made to knit a stitch into. Then I did a yarn over, then made a third stitch with the bar. Three stitches. Then I crossed the third stitch over the first, then the yarnover over the first, and after pulling the yarn through to knot the end in a point, got the yarn needle (eye type) back out and pulled the ¬†yarn down to the left of what I’d just done to the back. And then I wove in the two new ends.

Oh look at that black stitch that should have been white at the bottom of the door. And guess who just snipped the new white ends off!


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They say it’s all in the details, but this is so fun full wide and close up to see the details. Sorry about snipping the white yarn. Is it worth it to omit another set of yarn ends and take out the new handle and redo it and the door stitch, since you now have the instructors? Either way, it’s fabulous!

Comment by DebbieR 09.27.23 @ 7:40 am

I really like the edging, yes. I think the border really makes it look even more terrific.
You really create these with no charted pattern? Amazing work.

Comment by Lisa RR 09.27.23 @ 2:53 pm

It looks amazing! And yes, blogs are so handy for noting how one did things last time.

Comment by ccr in MA 09.28.23 @ 6:59 am

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