Loud out there
Tuesday February 21st 2023, 9:50 pm
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Wind advisory, gusts up to 50 mph, the weather site said. 80, said another, though to me that sounds too much to claim.

I did have an argument with the air a moment there over whether or not I was going to close my front door, though.

I’ve been trying to figure out how to stop the gate from crashing relentlessly; it needs to be rehung and won’t latch tight anymore. I put something to block it and that went flying. Oops.

There was a piece of roof on the ground, I told him.

He scrunched his face, trying to picture how a sprayed-on foam roof could do any such thing.

That’s the headline part, I quickly clarified, the story part is that it was a chunk of the roof over the shed that the redwood needles broke that we were going to get rid of anyway. But you still don’t expect it to lift upward and past our yard. I retrieved it.

The roof over the awning is basically the same clear corrugated plastic material, 30 years newer.

And all I can do is mentally apologize to the neighbors for all the racket it’s making as the wind tries to tear it free, too. It’s sealed down tight enough that it’s been rainproof. I did not know the edges could lift apart like that. I don’t think they’re supposed to.

This is like my east coast childhood when we hunkered down as a hurricane passed through, including a memorable sleepover at Wendy’s where lightning and a tree knocked a house off its foundation around the corner. We even had the power failures–just not here yet. (Suddenly taking note of where the nearest flashlight is. Or–wait–was.) Hey, Look, Ma, Real Weather! (TM)

But what it all means is that there’s a storm coming and it’s going to rain again and this is hugely good and maybe we’ll get Trinity reservoir, still stuck at 32%, to move up a bit after all. And hey, thanks for the free partial demolition up there re the shed.

The kicker is that tomorrow morning early is the semi-annual city pickup day for local residents to get rid of Stuff. Which they will sort, donate, recycle, and at the last, trash.

Except you really wouldn’t want to put it out there right now.

There was supposed to be a bag full of Goodwillable clothing going out but you know the guy across the street isn’t going to want to peel it off his antenna.

(Walks off humming “letting my freak flag fly“…)

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We are preparing for snow. Not sure how much wind with it, but it’s supposed to start in about an hour, with the bulk of it around 2am. Hubby brought everything he’ll need to work from home tomorrow, and I made sure the larder was stocked.

Our power lines are underground, so we don’t need to worry about that – unless a transformer blows. (Flashlight next to bed, headlamp in bedside drawer.)

Stay safe, and don’t let the wind blow you over!! We don’t need another fall story. 🙂

Comment by Anne 02.21.23 @ 10:40 pm

I’m always a day behind…hope you were able to ride it out safely!

Comment by Jayleen Hatmaker 02.22.23 @ 7:33 am

Here in southwestern Ontario we are expecting snow, then ice pellets, then freezing rain. Starting this afternoon (Wednesday) through to Thursday morning’ish.
Will take my laptop and files home tonight just in case.
Maybe no choir practice tomorrow night- wait and see.

Comment by Chris+S+in+Canada 02.22.23 @ 7:41 am

Yes, definitely find a flashlight first! Good luck with the wind and the rain.

Comment by ccr in MA 02.22.23 @ 10:00 am

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