My brain needs to sit down and knit
Thursday October 13th 2022, 10:15 pm
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Today was a day that refuses to stuff itself into a neat little package. There was the Jan 6 Committee, the evidence, the videos, the emotions, the finding out a friend has been in the ICU but may go home by Sunday and she was going to answer our question about visitors when her doctor walked in and that was that, the joy of another friend in her photos with her new baby after they’d been trying for years, my being able to do my full 20 minute race walking for the first time in nearly two weeks although some of it was slow walking as muscles threatened but still, I did it and I read in a book that seeds sewn by birds flying around after eating are seriously called craplings when they sprout and I didn’t get any knitting done because the yarn I’d picked just wasn’t the one and I don’t know which is and the pumpkin that’s vanished from the market because people are using it to get pills down their dogs and that’s apparently a really big thing right now and I finally found some on back order a few weeks ago and it was even actually Libby’s which is real pumpkin and not butternut like most canned stuff and I’d forgotten about it and it showed up today and then I had to get a dozen heavy cans in that box over the doorstep and I should have sliced the box open and taken them over the threshold one by one and I should simply have called Richard from the other room to help and I didn’t want to stand in the sun that long and got the whole thing lifted over the doorjamb and scooted over with my foot and my back yelled WhatdoyouthinkyoureDOING when it had been doing better than that at least and I’m icing it right now again too but I got my walk time in and I made pumpkin almond muffins and put chocolate chips in a bunch for Richard and I got everything done and nothing done at all it feels like

and it was just that kind of a day.

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After reading that, _I_ need a rest! Whew.

Comment by ccr in MA 10.14.22 @ 5:19 am


Now excuse me. It’s October 15 and there are things I need to do. ?

Comment by Afton 10.14.22 @ 6:46 am

Crikey! That was a sentence if I ever saw one. I think you are forgetting to breathe.
Take a minute please for some hot chocolate and a muffin. Don’t want you keeling over – again.

Comment by Chris+S+in+Canada 10.14.22 @ 7:01 am

Goodness! I hope the ice helped and today is a sit down and knit day.

Comment by DebbieR 10.14.22 @ 10:26 am

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