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Friday October 07th 2022, 9:59 pm
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Anne gets the thanks for this one. A note from her got me looking: Ukraine is of course known for its sunflowers and as a large producer of sunflower oil.

What happens when you grow lots and lots of big bright yellow flowers?

You get lots and lots of honeybees.

I had no idea that Ukraine produces 10% of the world’s honey, although of course they do; it’s just that most of it never makes it over the ocean to here.

In the US, Congress has allowed corporations to adulterate both olive oil and honey and to sell deliberately mislabeled blends as the real thing. If you’re allergic to corn like a nephew of mine, that’s kind of a big deal on both counts. Can we please vote in people who care about people?

Which is why it’s wonderful to find a company that tracks its sources down to the individual farmers and verifies that what they’re passing on to their customers is nothing but true pure honey. (Re the olive oil: California’s law requiring Californian-grown organic extra virgin olive oil to only be that has been grandfathered in. That one you can trust.)

So. Anne found a jar of Ukrainian sunflower honey from a company that not only does that source tracing but is donating 100% of profits for it to World Food Kitchen and to Medical Teams International’s efforts on behalf of Ukrainian refugees in Moldova.

Even with the FedEx shipping, that sixpack of bottles comes to $12.50 per two-pound jar. The local stuff I’ve been buying is a dollar an ounce.

Do you have friends who need Ukrainian sunflowers in a jar for Christmas? Some of mine suddenly do. And it’s already here on our side of the ocean. While the money heads over there where it’s so badly needed.

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I’m glad I saw the display at one of my regular grocery haunts.

If you can’t find it locally, you could always try to get a local grocer order a case for you (-:

Comment by Anne 10.07.22 @ 10:38 pm

This is a great idea! I’ve been buying from local beekeepers, so I know the provenance and can trust it. A carton of this may be coming my way for gifts (it’s Kosher!) and future need, as the fall holidays always require a LOT of honey.

Comment by Margo Lynn 10.08.22 @ 10:20 am

What a great find! That’s about $1.50 less per pound than what I’m paying locally. It might be a nice holiday present for someone you know who eats a lot of honey.

Comment by NGS 10.09.22 @ 10:10 am

Oh, very interesting! That might need to go on the list.

Comment by ccr in MA 10.10.22 @ 5:15 am

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