It’s going for a home run
Tuesday September 20th 2022, 8:31 pm
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The new post office guy on the case sent me a picture of the address it was sent to: where my street name and address should have been, in transcribing from whatever Etsy or PayPal had told her in an alphabet much less language different from her own, she’d put my phone number.

And so it was now on its way back to her.

I asked him, You had my (obviously-local) phone number right there on the package; why didn’t anybody call to ask my address? Someone took a picture so someone knew I was looking for it. Someone had it.

He wrote back that if I had phoned before it got to this point they could have intercepted it.

(Head smack) I went in in person as soon as I knew there was a problem and filed a report. How could I call to stop you from sending it to Carson and now Ukraine back when I didn’t know anything yet except that it was supposed to arrive?


The ironic thing is that it got through the postal system in Kiev in two days, which is lightning fast–four to six weeks is more the norm during this war.

Oh well. At least the artist and I both know now where it’s actually going and I asked her to let me pay for the next go-round on the postage.

Meantime, re the afghan, the trees are on their third sets of branches. I can at least make something make progress!

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Oh, for the love of pete. No sense at all.

Years ago I mailed a card to a friend in England that was returned to me for an incorrect address. I had put something like 16 Main St. when she was at 14. And they sent it all the way back across the ocean! Thanks for that, people.

Comment by ccr in MA 09.21.22 @ 6:35 am

Another fail for technology instead of using humans to read the address. At least it is not lost.

Comment by DebbieR 09.21.22 @ 8:16 am

It got to your zip code, right in the neighborhood, and then sent on a whole sightseeing tour instead of to your door…sheesh. May it find the boomerang trip back across the ocean again much more accurate.

Comment by Marian 09.21.22 @ 10:29 pm

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