Thursday June 09th 2022, 9:57 pm
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The first January 6th committee public hearing. Covered by every news network except the Murdochian one that just lost its last claim on the word.

I saw some of that day as it was happening, riveted in fear on our Constitutional self-911. But this. The video that punctuated points of testimony, the visceral reminder again and again of just how bad it was. Officer Edwards’ testimony and hug afterwards with Officer Sicknick’s widow.

Cheney laid out the case like a gifted prosecutor.

She only named one particular Pennsylvania Congressman who went to Trump seeking a pardon for what he’d done on Trump’s behalf (of course Trump blew him off because the cruelty was always the point with him) but it was clear there were going to be more names to come.

It felt like Justice Herself walked into that room tonight and took a seat. We’ve waited so long. But as the old K-Tel ads used to say in my childhood, But wait–there’s more!

(On a side note: my email works again! Yay Richard!)

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Shades of Watergate, as we sit watching intently. I really liked the opening remarks by Committee Chairman Thompson, too. Very eloquent.

Comment by Anne 06.09.22 @ 11:39 pm

That was so very powerful and disturbing to watch. So well laid out, and such strong evidence.

Comment by Pegi F 06.10.22 @ 4:24 am

As I watched, I wondered “what will Fox do with this?” I do not have a strong enough stomach to watch Fox to find out.

Comment by Sharon Stanger 06.10.22 @ 11:33 am

“But Benghazi!” (Bad joke.)

Comment by Helen Mathey-Horn 06.10.22 @ 2:09 pm

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