Puppy power
Saturday March 12th 2022, 9:26 pm
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Michelle was going to be dropping by and I thought about asking her to pick something up at the store on the way; we’re trying not to drive the Prius any more than we have to before it gets worked on, and given the amount of time the car was going to need, they told us the job would have to wait till Tuesday.

And yet.

Somehow I just felt pushed, is the only way to describe it, to go do a quick dash to Trader Joe’s; they’re within a mile, and we’d gotten reassurances on the car, just go.

Which is how I came to be not only outside but driving past the neighbor’s house when their dog got out while nobody was home.

I was surprised. They’re really careful about that.

I pulled into my driveway. Keeping an eye on him, I texted the mom.

When he saw me watching him he trotted from the far gate to the front door as if patiently waiting for it to be opened for him. I wasn’t his people but he knew my face and maybe I would do?

That nonstop limply hanging tongue on a cool day said I’m thirsty; I asked her, Would it be okay if I got him some water?

Turns out she was mid-flight. The person who’d come by to take care of the dog must have goofed. She was so glad I’d seen him.

I looked for what bowl would work well from a dog’s point of view and got out my late mother-in-law’s oversized white Corelle one, you know, the one that won’t even fit in the microwave. Holds lots. Splash all you want.

Just then a large brindled coat trotted quickly past my kitchen window along my side of the fence.

Oh so that’s how you did it!

I went out there and where there’s a sheet of plywood barring his way where that one section had fallen down and still not been repaired yet, he’d dug and gotten it pulled down somehow and had gone past my kitchen and out my open gate. He was just quickly retracing his steps, now that I wasn’t outside watching him nor letting him in his house.


I set the water down on their side of the plywood, figuring that even though that’s not where his water bowl goes, a dog of all animals is going to be able to smell that it’s there if he wants it. Then I set the plywood back up. It would come down again if he wanted it to enough, but for now he was back in his own fenced yard, he didn’t have to be panting anymore, he was safe.

I just hope no skunk vies for that water in the night. My neighbor will be tired enough.

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Sneaky pup!

Comment by ccr in MA 03.13.22 @ 7:23 am

Takes a village to raise a pup….

Comment by Jayleen Hatmaker 03.13.22 @ 7:51 am

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