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Monday February 07th 2022, 8:14 pm
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I have questions.

I got in the habit in my teens of walking several miles a day, and so there were a few times where I really stretched my legs and walked past whatever house used to be where this one is now. If memory serves, my older siblings’ friend Frances’s father was the original developer. (Or was that the next block up.)

So who…thought this was how they wanted it to be now?

Ten thousand-plus square feet, but only half of them finished. You can’t have a garage. The wallpaper in one bathroom is peeling away and the print on it is oak grain painted pink. I know, that was a thing when I was a kid, but it’s been years since I’ve seen the like.

A mansion built in 1985 and it had Formica? Are those cabinets Ikea? A lucite towel rack from the late ’60s when that was a hot new thing?

On the other hand, picture #15 has an excellent yarn storage system in place, bar none.

It says the flooring is carpet, hardwood, and marble, and a lot of it surely is, but honey I recognize that by-the-roll vinyl pattern in the kitchen because I saw it in the showroom in ’95 and didn’t want it in mine.

But what really threw me? Was picture #5. On the left.

I’ve seen that before.

I had to walk into the other room to look at mine to compare. Surely that’s an Anne painting. My sister. From the tour of Europe with our art dealer dad where she came home and painted so many of the cityscapes she’d seen. That’s how Dad liked to frame them, too, and her work was some of his most popular. There are several more shown less clearly that could be as well.

So that explains the mystery of the rest of the house: they’d spent their money where it mattered.

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The house that time forgot. And … it’s parquet flooring – yuck!!

As for the ornate decorations, as my father would say, they had “more money than sense”.

Comment by Anne 02.08.22 @ 1:03 am

There is a LOT going on in that house! What a mish-mosh. But I would love to see that bar area full of yarn stash.

Comment by ccr in MA 02.08.22 @ 6:42 am

Oh my dear heavens! More dollars than sense, as my Daddy used to say… but how very cool to see your sister’s painting on the wall.

Comment by Pegi F 02.08.22 @ 8:14 am

Knowing your fondness for them, I hope got one of the amaryllis.

Comment by Sharon Stanger 02.09.22 @ 1:26 pm

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