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Sunday February 06th 2022, 10:44 pm
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The sunlight only had a few minutes left and I excused myself from my knitting group Zoom a moment to step outside to cover the mango tree to hold in the warmth from the incandescent Christmas lights; it was 34F this morning, and since I had had it professionally pruned on Friday, I could only assume the cuts would make it a little more vulnerable right now. If it freezes it dies.

I always try to do that really carefully because those covers are big, it’s an awkward process, and it’s easy to trip on them. Not to mention I have no sense of balance.

I was not remembering that I must never be distracted nor in a hurry at this.

I found where my shoe had ended up as I took the measure of the outcome. Nothing seemed broken. Fingers unhappy. The rest will let me know (and it’s starting to.) I found myself unexpectedly a bit dizzy. Having fallen four days ago tripping over a box at the front door, one big toe was going, Are you kidding me. Again?

I came back inside and found myself suddenly short of breath as I was turning the camera back on to my friends. I didn’t say anything to them and in fact kept knitting the plain beanie I was working on thank you left hand but I did confess to my family after it was over.

I got me a loving but stern talking-to from both of them. I got lectured on the value of me vs the tree. I got told to be careful. (I know, I know.)

Tonight’s the coldest night in the forecast for the next ten days, and things should be warming up from there so hopefully we’re done dealing with this for the season.

And then.

I got a wonderful note back from my niece re the afghan I’d just finished for her daughter whom she’d given my name as her middle name: she is thrilled, it is gorgeous, and by airplane or mail, by whatever means they will all be very very happy when it comes.

She, hesitating and unsure in the asking, had one request, though: I had once knit her a hat and she had loved it very much. She didn’t quite want to say it but her mom/my sister had encouraged her and said she should, and–would it be possible I could knit her another one like that? Because it had been just so perfect and it had meant a lot to her. She had checked the Lost and Founds everywhere. It was distinctive, but no, they hadn’t seen it.

Her email yanked me right out of my self-pity and straight into happy anticipation at such an easy way to make her world right again. I’d needed that. The afghan needs the security of arrival by air by me after Omicron gets out of here, but seventy stitches’ and about fifty rows’ worth of a hat: that, I’d be willing to trust the post office with.

My left hand might want to wait a day or two to start.

But not if I have any say in it.

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Oh, dear. Try to take things easy today, if you can. Happy knitting (the afghan is gorgeous!), and feel better soon.

Comment by Pegi F 02.07.22 @ 5:15 am

Wow! Alison, you know we’d have given you a bit of a talking-to also, if you’d let us know. DO be careful, and maybe ask the family to care for the tree the next time?

Comment by Margo Lynn 02.07.22 @ 6:08 am

Oh gracious! That was some fall if you had to search for your shoe. Please do take it easy today; I know the hat is calling you, but listen to your hands extra hard, okay?

Comment by ccr in MA 02.07.22 @ 7:16 am

TWO falls recently???!!! It’s difficult to admit the need to change the way we’ve always done things. Ask me how I know. Believe me when I say that family and friends would much rather take over some of your tasks/chores and have you around, than having to do those chores because you’re NOT around!

Comment by Jayleen Hatmaker 02.07.22 @ 7:25 am

Bubble wrap and a stern talking to from Ontario.

Comment by Chris+S+in+Canada 02.07.22 @ 7:56 am

I do hope the rest of you is telling you today that they’re okay, but they insist on taking it easy for a few days. And maybe post a sign to remind you, “Don’t hurry or be distracted out here.” Emily will get her turn. I do hope you are feeling better today.

Comment by DebbieR 02.07.22 @ 8:45 am

I echo the previous messages of concern and compassion.

You are much needed in this world. Please careful and do ask for help. You might make someone feel special in doing so.

Heal well.

Comment by Suzanne 02.09.22 @ 8:14 am

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