And this, children, is why trademarks matter
Tuesday February 15th 2022, 5:11 pm
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I called Edgepark, the company that handles my ileostomy supplies. There had been a problem.

They said basically, not our problem, you need to talk to the manufacturer. The rep offered to go get me their phone number. I said, I can go look it up myself. She insisted, and I thought, well okay, let her do her job so she looks to her boss like she’s taking good care of the customer, so I waited.

She came back and gave me the number for dealing with that.

I called, not sure if they would answer after 5 pm Eastern time, but they did and I explained that I had had three (name of the) bags come unglued in two weeks and that had never happened in the thirteen years since my surgery and what should we do next.

The young man on the line listened patiently but then asked a question with some confusion.

I explained, I had to stop everything and shower and replace all three components and it was a good thing I was home and I haven’t been doing anything different. (I didn’t say, And that stuff retails at about $100 per change. Yes, if you don’t have a colon nor insurance, it costs ~$33 a day to use the bathroom. For the rest of your life.)

The light bulb went off for him.

We’re Hollister the *clothing* company. (He didn’t say, As in, a top brand among teenagers. Linking to thank them for hiring such a sweetheart.)

My own light bulb went sudden full-blast spotlight. Ohmygosh. Edgepark Medical gave me your number as being Hollister medical supplies!!

He very helpfully offered to go look up that number for me but this time I said (between snort-giggles at this point because he was being so nice about it and you KNOW he’d just gotten a great story to tell his buddies) that thanks, I’d go look it up myself.

(Not taking any more chances.)

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Oh! That’s hilarious. Yes, you just gave him the BEST story to tell! I hope the other Hollister can help you with your problem.

Comment by ccr in MA 02.16.22 @ 6:04 am

He will dine on that story for years. Bless him for being so kind.
But that other lady needs a call back and a reminder about she could have actually been helpful.

Good luck

Comment by Chris+S+in+Canada 02.16.22 @ 8:17 am

I’m sure if you dressed more fashionably, I’m sure it would solve all of those problems . . . right?

Comment by LauraN 02.16.22 @ 1:47 pm

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