A new start
Friday February 11th 2022, 9:11 pm
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It’s February. It hit 80F.  This is not normal. The air conditioning kicked on. I realized I had done repeats of 13, not 14 on the hat project and it was totally not working and after wishing for about two seconds for it to be something other than what it was, I started the ripping back, unwinding the tangling intarsia work slowly, slowly. I knew better and yet I’d done it wrong anyway. All I’d needed was to be a little less sure of myself and doublecheck. Well, okay, now I have.

But then seeing the first three peach flowers of the year opening up by evening and all the buds ready to pop where there had been nothing but gray dormancy a few days ago was just so joyful that it made up for everything, and I can’t wait to see how that tree looks tomorrow.

And the next tree. And the next one.

I chased away a squirrel that wanted to snack on the little pinknesses. Some things never change.


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We’re waiting to see what comes up in our yard. We know there are roses, but what bulbs did the previous owners plant? (And how can we get rid of the ornamental grasses!)

We have some variety of daffodil blooming near the house right now. The rest is a mystery.

Comment by Anne 02.11.22 @ 11:33 pm

This is for Anne: I suggest, if you’re not already doing so, that you photograph all the daffodils (and each succeeding wave of flowers-from-bulbs) to mark where they are, so that you can make choices in the fall about where to put new things or where to move around old things, if gardening is your thing. 🙂 This has made garden planning easier so many times in a new location… and has meant I’ve chopped up fewer bulbs with a spade while installing new plants or bulbs. 🙂

Comment by KC 02.12.22 @ 10:00 am

chasing squirrels is a good hobby.

Comment by Sharon Stanger 02.12.22 @ 11:53 am

My brother says he’s enjoying the unseasonably warm weather, too! I hope the knitting settles down for you now.

Comment by ccr in MA 02.12.22 @ 4:45 pm

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