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Saturday January 29th 2022, 10:02 pm
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A cup of honey? Let’s try that one.

The 30 minutes totally didn’t do it–it was in there for 45 before the top tested done and turned that nice golden brown (and the darn thing stopped shaking like jello.)

A half hour later it looked like this. Still pretty good, right?

And then we cut into it. And it was.

But the bottom was definitely overdone. The top was definitely underdone.

And that’s when I learned something new: my daughter said that the standard size for loaf pans has changed over the years to being wider and lower so things bake faster and more evenly. My pans are old and narrow and high.

It was still good enough to eat, and we definitely did; it was kind of like angel food cake gone orange–it had no fat whatsoever and was a bit dry. (Note that I added a bit of salt where none was called for.)

While I was waiting for it to come out of the oven, DebbieR found two recipes for Alton Brown’s Aunt Verna’s Honey Cake. I’d made the version from The Food Network. But the one from his site–has salt. And butter. And orange juice. And sugar. Half the eggs, but still that cup of honey, and I want to ask, Honey, what does your Aunt Verna think of the discrepancies?

I’ve got to try that second one.

His loaf is wider and lower. There you go.

Maybe mine fell because I opened the oven three times while testing and expecting 30 minutes to have been enough when the second recipe (albeit with more ingredients) said 60. But it also says time to make is 35 minutes, so, huh. Y’know, I worked as a copyeditor a thousand years ago in case y’all need to hire one over there…

I have me more testing to do.

Suddenly all my jars of remaindered honey amounts don’t look like quite so much after all. I just have to finish de-crystallizing them all.

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Well, of course you have to experiment! It’s for science!

Comment by ccr in MA 01.30.22 @ 9:52 am

Smitten Kichen has a honey cake that looks interesting. Hers falls too, but is moist. She has another that is a cake of many thin layers. I have great success with her recipes.
It is fun to see what you are making with honey. Yum!

Comment by Susan 01.30.22 @ 11:29 pm

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