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Thursday November 11th 2021, 10:30 pm
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Given that it hasn’t happened since the year I had my colorectomy surgeries, ie twelve years of carefully doing this ten-minute procedure right after one long slog of misery teaching me why I’d better, I thought I would write it here (sorry) so that I can find it to reference the date later.

I ended up at the dermatologist’s as an emergency appointment.

She looked up what the other dermatologist in ’09 had prescribed for such an infection under the dressing, just to be sure, because there are so many ways it could go wrong. At first she started to say apply it three times a day, till I laughed, and then, yeah, because you seriously shred the skin if you take that thing off before it’s ready to, no matter what. It is designed to stay on. As one would hope.

Every third day, I told her. That’s when I can get to it. Except that the infection itself is messing with that part of the adhesive, so, yeah. The partial antidote to that is the 4″ Eakins the Stanford nurses gave me, but you cannot just walk into a drugstore and pick up a box. I ordered, as someone with a permanent prescription for all such, but it’s a holiday and it’ll be Monday if I’m really really lucky. Could be–who knows.

We worked out a compromise. And then we laughed ruefully together at the randomness of it all: heart, eyes, skin, that should be enough for awhile, don’t you think?

She’d almost given me an oral antibiotic and said it might yet need one. If I start running a fever over the weekend she wants me in to Urgent Care for that and to for sure call her Monday and tell her how I’m doing.

I promised I would.

Tomorrow is the start of Mel and Kris‘s last Harvest Festival show ever. Mel’s past 70 and Oregon is a long hard drive with so much physical work at either end. After thirty years of friendship and pottery, I want so badly to see them. No stupid stoma tricks getting in my way. Okay? Is it a deal?

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Oh, good luck! I hope all goes well, for you and Mel and Kris.

Comment by twinsetellen 11.11.21 @ 10:36 pm

Say hi to Mel and Kris for me! Now that I am in Oregon, they head to California! (-: The two mugs I brought with me to the rental, are both from them.

Hopefully they will turn up somewhere near me at some point, though it sounds like they are winding down their shows.

Comment by Anne 11.12.21 @ 1:48 am

Good luck on all counts!

Comment by ccr in MA 11.12.21 @ 6:43 am

You are in my prayers – as always – but a little *harder* right now.
Hope you see Mel and Kris!

Comment by Chris+S+in+Canada 11.12.21 @ 8:05 am

Oh no! So hoping the topical antibiotic works, and fast. And I hope you get to see Mel & Kris. I’m planning to go tomorrow.

Comment by DebbieR 11.12.21 @ 9:23 am

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