Speed bump ahead
Tuesday October 12th 2021, 10:23 pm
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Twenty-six rows today, maybe a row shy of twenty-six inches. Serious progress.

Forgive me a bit of a rant, though.

Imagiknit‘s email saying “Your package has been shipped” also says, and this is new, that if the post office is still claiming they haven’t got it yet, which is in fact what they’re saying on mine, they do, check with them, ie, they’re just not updating in a timely manner. I read that as, please don’t make us pay for our employees’ time tracking it down because of the post office’s screwups. I also know how immediately Imagiknit gets their customers’ purchases out there.

Postmaster General DeJoy made it official policy to slow down packages as of Oct 1–I guess not entering them into the system means they’re trying to dodge customer blowback against that slowdown on their part.

I don’t know why he still has his job. I think he’d have to be fired for cause but there’s definitely cause: a whole lot of people, especially in rural areas, depend on timely mail for their meds. My problem is just yarn but still, I do want to start the branches on my tree and I’m almost out of the white for the background.

And of course this turned out to be the first week where my husband has had to drive in to work, and he no longer works where I can just drop him off. We had planned to buy a new car for the commute whenever it finally happened but this has definitely turned out not to be the year to be in the market for one.

So heading out to the nearest yarn store in desperation is not something I can do for a few days either. I’ve been sitting here with my knitting needles chasing that roadrunner as fast as I can go and I’m about to smack right into that wall.

I’m just going to have to wait. Ah, poor baby.

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Well, if you’d say something, I might be able to help! I can at least get you to Los Altos. I was planning on heading there in the next couple of days.

Comment by Anne 10.12.21 @ 10:46 pm

I received yarn yesterday, but I’m sure it wouldn’t help your project.

If you have to wait to continue with this project, might you cast on a hat, just because? I know you always end up having the right present for the right person at the right time…

Comment by Suzanne 10.13.21 @ 7:32 am

I too have noticed that tracking is much less reliable than it used to be. And wondered with some desperation how that man still has a job. And I’m lucky, like you, that the packages I’m waiting for are not desperately needed medication, or checks, or other crucial things that are all getting delayed. It’s maddening.

Comment by ccr in MA 10.13.21 @ 9:17 am

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