Raising the stakes
Thursday October 28th 2021, 11:06 pm
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In case you’ve ever wondered about a hawk’s carrying capacity re pets. (The short answer: unless you have a favorite rat running around outside unattended, basically, no worries.)

Meantime, my husband came around the corner this afternoon after a work meeting that I had not realized was a Halloween party by Zoom. I looked up to see my favorite 6’8″er bouncing off the ceiling.

Literally. At the end of the hall where it comes down a bit. I kind of stared a moment, having expected none of this.

Three got kind of squished together in the process, but there were seven of them, and he was looking quite pleased with himself. That costume was so him.

As if having to duck through standard doorframes might not be enough.

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Thanks for the link. And hurray for the Bartholomew Cubbins costume! Or was he the peddler from Caps for Sale?

Comment by DebbieR 10.29.21 @ 8:18 am

Maybe he was indicating that he wears many hats in his job? I can see how it would be startling, though!

Comment by ccr in MA 10.29.21 @ 9:43 am

My 6’5” ‘er would have similar issues ha ha. And be equally surprising.

Comment by Chris+S+in+Canada 10.29.21 @ 12:14 pm

There’s a difference between “carry off” and “kill and hope to munch some before needing to fly away,” though, and what size they stop attacking pets in general (barring the “golden eagle takes down a deer” sorts of Special Events) would be more relevant information than just the weight they can carry off, I think?

Comment by KC 10.29.21 @ 1:39 pm

My 6’9” husband wore a pink fur top hat to our wedding. They seem to like confusing us.

Comment by Afton 10.29.21 @ 2:15 pm

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