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Wednesday September 01st 2021, 10:39 pm
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Texas passed the intended death of Roe v. Wade and Trump’s appointees allowed it to stand today. Meaning it is now in effect, arguments and lawsuits to come or not, and every woman there who might ever need an abortion for any reason must have it done no more than two weeks after her period is late. And if you drive her to another state for it even a day later, anyone can sue you and collect a bounty.

And then there’s Katy.

Katy is a friend of mine of 34 years whose second, much-wanted, much-anticipated pregnancy years ago turned into a molar pregnancy: meaning, it stopped developing into a baby at all and started growing wildly, randomly, and at the speed of fetal cells was rapidly turning into what was going to be a cancer taking over her body. Her blood pressure skyrocketed.

She spent sixteen days in a coma. Having been a professional flutist, she had to relearn how to play. She had to relearn a lot of things. She had a major seizure as she was finally coming to, so she spent years on seizure meds, and that medical history in this state means being unable to drive. When they finally eased her off them many years later there was a risk of sparking another grand mal. But she lucked out and she finally got to feel like herself again.

She was devastated at losing the pregnancy but the doctors told her it had no longer been one and they had had no choice but to remove it to save her life–it had been a very very near thing as it was. It was not and could not ever have become a baby.

And now under the charming Governor Abbott and his collaborators, anyone, anyone at all, would have the right to violate HIPAA over the medical history of someone they don’t even know and to collect $10,000 from Katy’s husband for driving her to the hospital to save her life. Because, technically, since that mess was in her womb that was an abortion.

Had he not, their oldest would have grown up without his mom.

Had he not, the two children who came along later, giving great comfort to both of them, would never have come to be and let me tell you, the world would have been a lesser place without those great kids and their mom.

Biology is messy. Life is imperfect. You have to allow people to make choices you disagree with–and I am no great fan of abortion, let me be clear–in order to save those choices for those who would die without the right to make them.

To the men in Texas who think requiring a face mask is a violation of one’s rights but dictating medical and lifetime outcomes to women is not, we have a Constitution that protects all religions from the adherents of any other one, and as I understand it, under Jewish law, the life and health of the mother come first. And–here I’m less sure of myself, please correct me if I’m wrong–the spirit is thought to enter the body at the first breath of life. Before that it’s just parental happy anticipation.

Texas’s law cannot stand. It must not. The only thing it accomplishes is punishing women and those who love them for the sake of the political aspirations of a few men who don’t give a damn about anybody but themselves. They are the biblical Pharisees passing by on the other side of the road from the wounded, punishing any Good Samaritan in sight.

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I just have no words.

Comment by Jayleen Hatmaker 09.02.21 @ 7:01 am

It’s so appalling. I just can’t handle everything that is happening right now. The Texas thing and all the voter suppression. Floods on one side of the country and drought and fires on the other. And the pandemic everywhere. It’s too much.

Comment by ccr in MA 09.02.21 @ 8:22 am

That has always been what I what I was taught.

Comment by Afton 09.02.21 @ 1:41 pm

In many places (jurisdictions, whatever) that ball of cells becomes life when it is capable of surviving outside the womb. Truthfully even that is tricky.

I am not a *fan* of abortion even though at one point in my life it was a choice I almost made. However I would defend to the death my (or any other woman’s) right to choose that. I would also put my heart and soul into fighting those who so obviously hate women, as that is the only reason anyone would enact such grossly freedom limiting rules.

Wonder what *they* would do if their control over their body was taken away to that extent?

And if they bring up the subject of masks to me, they would likely get a *talk to the hand* motion.

Sorry, will get off my soapbox now. This is one of those topics that gets me riled.

I pray for the women of Texas and by extension those who may face this in their own state at some time in the future.

Comment by Chris+S+in+Canada 09.02.21 @ 7:53 pm

You are right that Jewish law permits abortion to save the life, health and/or mental health of the mother. It is not exactly that life begins at birth or first breath, but until that point the fetus is considered a pursuer and one is allowed to defend the pursued.

Comment by Rabbi Susan Gulack 09.02.21 @ 8:18 pm

Thank you.

Comment by twinsetellen 09.02.21 @ 9:48 pm

Thank you for your explanation. It is a very interesting way of viewing the situation and, to my way of thinking, a very humane way of understanding the situation. It struck a chord with me about how a woman could feel pursued and how that would affect her life and the possible child’s life. You cut right to the chase in that way of thinking.
Thank you again. That has changed how I will respond to women I may talk to about a pregnancy.

Comment by Chris+S+in+Canada 09.03.21 @ 6:49 am

Thank you. There are so many more stories like Katy’s. We must have this choice. Heather Cox Richardson wrote in her Letters From an American blog yesterday about how Pat Buchanan suggested Nixon pursue Catholic Democrats with the abortion issue to help Nixon get reelected in 1972. Political influence over women’s and family’s health.

Comment by DebbieR 09.03.21 @ 6:52 am

Thank you!

This in particular: “Biology is messy. Life is imperfect. You have to allow people to make choices you disagree with….in order to save those choices for those who would die without the right to make them.”

Many, many women have been faced with this difficult decision and it is no business of mine, or anyone else’s, to tell them what is the right choice for them at that particular time.

Comment by wildknits 09.03.21 @ 6:27 pm

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