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Tuesday September 07th 2021, 7:57 pm
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It’s a weird day when you lose a battle of strength with an iris leaf.

I have special skills like that.

I was walking away from the apple tree and didn’t realize fast enough that I’d caught my foot at the edge of the iris patch and that an unknown number of leaves–possibly even just one–had wrapped around my ankle and it was not giving way, no sir.

My brain flashed the warning from my doctor: hand bones heal faster than hips. I stopped trying to twist around to see what that was that was doing that and put my hands out front and center as I fell.

So as I try to ice all the everythings, with my brain acting a little sleepy and me telling it shut up and quit complaining that was nothing and you know it brain, let me just type real fast what a friend with an interest in linguistics made me laugh over: in the 16th century, Meg says, everybody in Europe knew what a giraffe was. France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, they all had close to the same word for it, essentially the Arabic word with the z changed to a g plus whatever word ending suited.

Except England.

Because come on. EVERYBODY knows those are, as they spelled it, Camelopards. What else could they be?!

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Oh no! So hoping your hands, wrists, knees, and the everythings feel much better today, with no lingering injuries. And Camelopards? I think my brain will now link giraffe and cantaloupe!

Comment by DebbieR 09.08.21 @ 6:22 am

Oh dear…you really have to. stop doing that!

Comment by Jayleen Hatmaker 09.08.21 @ 6:29 am

Do I have to send the bubble wrap?

Comment by Chris+S+in+Canada 09.08.21 @ 7:14 am

But we don’t knit with our hips.

Sending healing wishes, along with some more bubble wrap?

Comment by twinsetellen 09.08.21 @ 9:01 am

Oh my goodness! I’m glad it wasn’t worse, but take care. Ow.

Comment by ccr in MA 09.09.21 @ 7:50 am

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