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Monday August 16th 2021, 9:57 pm
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We got our first single Page orange (background story in link) last year.

After a freeze months ago it dropped a lot of leaves and I thought that at long last it was giving up the ghost. But nope, somehow it has sixteen little green reminders that Christmas is coming. It may drop some, it may not, but this is by far the most productive it’s ever been. I wanted to show it to my Mom, given all the memories attached to that variety, so here it is.

Meantime, a listing. Your own castle! Ramparts! Cathedral ceilings!

Looking at the guy in that costume trying very very hard to go viral, I remembered a friend in high school who carefully constructed a coat of armor. Steve had everybody he knew save the tear-off tabs from their cans of soda, back when those were constructed that way, and he sewed and wove them together, curl side outwards. It was quite impressive and memory says it took him over a year to do.

I wish I could put Steve’s up against this guy’s standard Disney version to see how they compare.


Dude. The bed? Like you can peel yourself out of that thing before any woman on the planet has walked away laughing herself breathless?

I’ve never before seen a listing demonstrating that the shower actually works. He looks a little rusty at this.

It gushes about how many tens of thousands of bricks were laid to make that weird weird house that please don’t notice doesn’t have heat. (Then how do you even get an occupancy permit?) But! A few rooms have wall-unit AC! Pass the ogre ravioli, willya?

All I could think was, but don’t they know they have volcanoes nearby and that bricks crumble in earthquakes?

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Those photos are priceless!

I think the heat not listed is a lazy agent.

Comment by Anne 08.16.21 @ 11:40 pm

What. Is. Up. With. The. Armor. The first one? Okay, quirky. But after that? No, no, and no. There’s ‘drawing attention to the listing’ and there’s ‘what room was that? I was looking at the armor.’

Comment by ccr in MA 08.17.21 @ 5:38 am

Oh there are just so many things wrong. I can’t even. Oh my.
That one bathroom you could do your business and brush your teeth at the same time. Oh I just Wow.

Comment by Chris+S+in+Canada 08.17.21 @ 6:52 am

Oh good heavens. He spent all that money on a suit of armor, and could only use basic finishes in the kitchen and bathrooms? And he couldn’t spare a couple of thousand to refinish the deck in pics 40 and 41? Or put in a real step instead of a block of wood? (Also #41). Nope.

Comment by Pegi F 08.17.21 @ 6:55 am

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