Left high and dry
Wednesday August 25th 2021, 9:38 pm
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It is amazing how good kids so young can be at a sport. Sink it sink it sink it with all those arms flailing away at them (but somehow almost never fouling.) Score 23-54, with Parker, zooming in from the right, scoring the final basket for that winning number from a goodly distance away.

Meantime, back to normal life if a bit wistfully, the Indian Free peach is going to town to a degree it never has before and I’ve noticed since we got home that the critters have, for the first time, been abandoning the ripe figs to go after those peaches that aren’t yet.

And the thing I learned today: it’s not just a pandemic chip shortage. It’s not just a new car shortage and resulting inflated used-car prices, nor of furniture held up in shipping backlogs.

It’s hitting the washers and dryers made right here in the good old USA. Did they have one in stock? The man laughed ruefully. Three to four weeks for a new Speed Queen to arrive, and I could almost hear an implied ‘if you’re lucky’ in his tone. The next store said the same thing.

It was so bad that I could smell our 15-year-old dryer trying to burn the house down (he couldn’t. That could be dangerous) and came running across the house to stop it.

Check the outtake, Richard said between meetings. I did–it was clear, and it wasn’t a burning lint smell anyway. At all.

That makes three major appliances that have thrown a fiery temper tantrum in the last few years, even if only the Maytag dishwasher actually succeeded in scorching the floor. Are we just that lucky or does everybody eventually go through this?

The top of the neighbor’s clothesline partly shows across the top of the fence and I’ve been wishing all day I had one. It could be a long month.

So: anyone have anything they particularly like or dislike about their dryer? Have you had one that’s lasted a long time? One that flamed out fast? Would you recommend what you have?

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I’m sorry to read about your troubles.
I wish I had a clothes line too.
Although I do have little stands(??) to place outside, to dry laundry on. But it’s not the same. And indoors it doesn’t dry so good…
Hopefully you can get a new dryer soon ??

Comment by Creatieve Creaties 08.25.21 @ 11:02 pm

That gym floor is so shiny it looks flooded!

You have had some bad appliance luck recently. I hope it doesn’t take that long to get a new dryer.

Comment by ccr in MA 08.26.21 @ 5:21 am

Avoid the kind with the lint filter inside the dryer door. Just not good. Never been a fan of the kind we got, but it was all there was at the time. Small island, little shopping.
Hope you get a replacement soon.

Comment by Lisa 08.26.21 @ 10:45 am

My sympathy for the dryer delay Alison.
Was planning to email, but can’t see an address so will write it here:
Thank you so much for your blog- and particularly for starting it with the stories of the 15 stitch scarves knitted from yellow angora. Beautiful scarves, delightful stories and very encouraging for someone with RA who was hesitating about taking up knitting (and loves lace). 15 stitches made it seem managable (and for me it is- I have now knitted scarves, and cardigans, and even a water turtles shawl!) But thanks even more for your example of encouragement and generosity.

Comment by Ley 08.26.21 @ 6:12 pm

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