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Monday August 09th 2021, 10:11 pm
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Man, they’re not messing around. Finally.

Sutter Health sent out an email: all their healthcare employees must be vaccinated by the end of September.

Meaning, since it takes a month to become fully vaccinated with the more effective two-shot types, knock it off and get started now, and if you don’t, well, the state has decided the same thing, too, so you won’t find any another healthcare job in California unless you do right by your patients. Just do it.

And: all hospital visitors/people helping patients must show proof of vaccination to enter any of their hospitals or have had a negative test within the previous 72 hours, with documentation in hand. They specifically say they do not do the rapid test. And their clinics have outpatient surgery centers and are legally hospitals.

There may be limited exceptions but you’d better have a really really good reason and you will not bluff your way past. If your partner is having a baby and you haven’t been vaxxed or tested? Sorry, Dad, you’re not coming in the doors, it doesn’t matter if you don’t like having a swab scrape the inside of your head repeatedly–remember, babies sometimes come late. Or early. They specifically call out expectant parents and tell them what the deal is. You won’t see your wife and baby till they get checked out of the hospital if you haven’t done due diligence to prepare for their safety and well-being, not to mention the hospital staff’s.

About time. Overdue, but at long last they’re making the irresponsible more responsible for their choices.

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My nephew, age 21, finally got his first jab this past week. He decided to do it because places are requiring it now. (Auntie, who has been hoping for months, can finally relax!)

Comment by Anne 08.10.21 @ 12:01 am

Good! I wish more places were requiring it.

Comment by ccr in MA 08.10.21 @ 6:38 am

Same here with the major medical networks, and many employers jumping on board. A day late and a dollar short. I so wish that the previous administration could be held legally responsible for all of the unnecessary deaths…and now the hesitancy to mandate vaccination is still killing people…argh!!! When will it end???!!!

Comment by Jayleen Hatmaker 08.10.21 @ 6:43 am

I’m hoping they have medical exemptions for people who are technically working in healthcare, but 1. working from home [and hermiting there] and 2. medically recommended to not get the shot.

I have a friend who just jumped through all the hoops at her university because she has brain and heart inflammation that are still not entirely understood but that her doctors think are related to immune responses and the *last* think they want at the moment is to poke her immune system with a pointy stick. (she desperately wants the vaccine because she’s an extrovert and is so tired of hiding out in her house and never seeing anyone in person except medical staff, but: brain damage/death being a decently-likely outcome: ehhhh we’ll wait until the inflammation goes down enough to be out of the risky range?)

But people who are in-person, and people without medical reasons of the serious grade? Vaccination time, please?

Comment by KC 08.10.21 @ 9:52 am

The health system I work for just instituted mandated vaccinations for all of its staff (regardless of location), volunteers and contractors. Same as they did for the influenza vaccine several years ago.

Oh my, the stink some folks are raising about this!!

They do allow for medical or religious exemptions. And we are asking our patients who want a medical exemption, with no clearly documented allergy to a vaccine ingredient or other clearly recognizable medical reason for the exemption, to see their provider to discuss.

I have been floored by the nonsense I have read on public posts (Facebook) about this policy by folks who are employees (though possibly not after October). Sigh… our education system has obviously failed many people by not teaching critical thinking skills and slacking on basic scientific literacy.

Comment by wildknits 08.10.21 @ 8:41 pm

That medical personnel or working with those in that field are dragging their heels/protesting getting the COVID shot is beyond my comprehension. Grrrr.

Comment by Helen Mathey-Horn 08.12.21 @ 8:20 pm

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