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Tuesday July 27th 2021, 9:59 pm
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I went to school with family members of these guys. If only the Dove kid my age had lived to see this.

So good to see those Confederate General street signs coming down and being replaced with their families’ names. So long overdue.

Long ago there was some land near a creek that emptied into the Potomac River a few miles further down that was thought not to be worth anything because it was too hilly and rocky to make good farmland out of–so the owner was willing to sell it to an African American man, who brought in family. Their descendants have carried on a strong sense of community for generations now.

So glad to see the signs that convey their joy and love replacing the ones that, when they were put up, inflicted pain deliberately, quite possibly in backlash to that very community’s landownership and pride.

So much better now.

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Delora Shedrick was my classmate! (About 1 min. in.) She was in my 4th, or maybe 6th grade class (those were in different schools because they built Seven Locks Elem.and moved us) at least. It’s an unusual name and it’s stuck in my memory. That is super cool.

Comment by Marian 07.27.21 @ 10:26 pm

And you need to mention that as the area grew and the land there became more valuable, a developer tried to zone them out, when they wouldn’t sell. They had been there for a century. So this community was brought about with safety and sanitary upgrades and a legal cooperative structure, after a woman on the council stood up for fairness. It was a big big deal when I was a teenager.

Comment by Marian 07.27.21 @ 10:34 pm

To give folks an idea on what Marian said: you continue on up the hill from them a ways and where I remember cows grazing when I was a kid is now the international headquarters of the Marriott Corp.

I remember the doorbell ringing and Mom answering the person at the door with, YES!! I will sign that petition!!! They were trying to save their community from that developer.

Comment by AlisonH 07.27.21 @ 10:51 pm

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