Pulp friction
Wednesday May 12th 2021, 10:16 pm
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I’d been wondering for awhile if the very overloaded branches hanging straight down on the Gold Nugget mandarin would bounce back up once the weight of all those oranges came off them, or whether after growing that way for so long they were stuck like that.

Turns out they did rebound nicely.

My back suggested I stop picking at seventeen pounds, with about three more to go; not bad at all for a young tree.

Michelle cut, I pushed down on the juicer. After we all drank some, there’s nearly a gallon in the fridge and we haven’t even done all the picked ones yet.

I’ve decided it’s a kid-friendly variety: not tart, really, just sweet (but not too much.) A bit bland. Maybe I should have picked them in April? This is the first time we ever got enough to juice, we’re newbies at this.

But it is the one type of orange that gets sweet even if it doesn’t get the amount of heat that other varieties need to do so, and if we want tart, hey, there’s a Meyer lemon tree right across the yard.

I found that fingertips dangling down in our little 1980s machine did a good job of collecting the pulp into one spot as the juice continued to spin out of it. Grab it out and go for the next one.

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Are your mandarin oranges the same little oranges that we prize in AL and eat as a desert? They are peeled and served with the sugar syrup they are canned with.

Comment by Barbara 05.13.21 @ 12:33 am

Oh, that’s so great! We love to juice the oranges we get at the grove, but from your own tree would be even better. Yum!

Comment by ccr in MA 05.13.21 @ 6:11 am

How delightful! I know nothing about storage of this. Is the juice something you could freeze for later use if you can’t drink it all right now? I am amazed by the thought of a gallon and more to come.

Comment by Chris+S+in+Canada 05.13.21 @ 7:06 am

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