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Monday March 15th 2021, 8:04 pm
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Sunday I checked a set of apricot kernels that didn’t seem to be doing too much yet and, actually, one of them had a thick taproot coming out the bottom that hadn’t been visible the day before–not only that, the tip was starting to look darker–it needed a place to grow to, fast, so the plug went into a larger jiffy pot as a bit of a stalling tactic: I’ll go to Yamagami’s for bags of soil after we get our covid shots.

Twenty four hours later I had a new sprout.

Twenty hours after that, it is on its way.

Okay, I wrote that, and then I stumbled across a conversation with a guy who’d not only saved but had grown about 40 Anya kernels and at their fifth year wrote up the characteristics of what he had. Every one of them was really good, some closer to the original Anya than others but every one at least double the brix of your average grocery store apricots. (Explanation of brix here.)

It’s not just the sweetness, though: it’s the depth and nuances of flavor.

It made me feel really good about all those kernels I sent out. Nobody’s going to get a clunker, they’re all going to be great.

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That’s good to know! We’re going to have really good apricots! I’m really looking forward to them.

Comment by Pegi F 03.16.21 @ 3:10 am

I am really enjoying watching these developments!

Comment by ccr in MA 03.16.21 @ 5:34 am

Oooh, what great news! It’s fun to be part of this experiment. I’m going to keep mine potted, so I can protect them from late spring frosts that would zap the bloom. My reading suggests that can spur earlier fruit.

But probably not this spring. 😉

Comment by twinsetellen 03.16.21 @ 5:39 pm

One of our two is showing the first bit of green at the top; the other one may have croaked. Fingers crossed!

Comment by Marian 03.18.21 @ 10:17 pm

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