Saturday February 13th 2021, 11:11 pm
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There has been snow up north. Our little Alaskan was ecstatic, his little sister, who was too young when they left there to remember it…not entirely sure about this mobile cold as he tossed some up in the air. But he was having so much fun so it must be cool, right?

I asked the kids how many inches of the stuff they got and the answer was, oh, about half a Lillian.

The grandma next door brought the kids cake pops.

Lillian went straight for the chocolate side.

Also: our doorbell rang this afternoon. I opened it just in time to see what I was pretty sure was a girl I know from church running as fast as she could to where a car was parked out of the line of sight of the door, so having seen what she’d just done I ran out too and blew a kiss their way (I don’t think they saw it as she was getting in) and waved and yelled, Thank you!

They definitely saw that: hands waved back, front seat and back.

I brought the bag of goodies inside but I’m leaving the door like that through tomorrow.

I bet it totally put a smile on the face of the Amazon driver who stopped by shortly thereafter.


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You’ve been heart-attacked! (Teenage tradition) What fun!

Comment by Marian 02.13.21 @ 11:48 pm

Where the heck is the “like” button??? Love your door.

Comment by Anne 02.13.21 @ 11:52 pm

Oh how adorable! Both stories!

Comment by Pegi F 02.14.21 @ 5:09 am

Love it!

Comment by Sharon Stanger 02.15.21 @ 3:13 pm

Half a Lillian worth of snow; what a great measurement!

Comment by Nancy G 02.15.21 @ 4:45 pm

Love both! Keep the hearts up, that will bring so many smiles.

Comment by ccr in MA 02.16.21 @ 11:01 am

This brings a smile to my lips and tears to my eyes: what an amazing gesture!!!!

Comment by Suzanne in Montreal 02.19.21 @ 8:25 am

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