Burnt bridge
Thursday February 18th 2021, 11:38 pm
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Here, let me distract you from the rest of this post with a picture of the August Pride peach that is still somehow blooming despite two days of rain since it started to.

My old audiologist told me a year and a half ago that he was going to be retiring and selling his practice, by way of explaining the new guys working with him; they would be taking over then.

The younger guy is a total sweetheart. I wondered if he was out of grad school yet, he looked so young.

The one maybe ten years older sexually harassed the receptionist with me sitting there in the waiting area perfectly capable of seeing what he was doing. The expression on her face was, Get away from me with that.

It wasn’t long after that that she quit.

And then we had this year of pandemic.

I got a call yesterday from a voice I didn’t recognize. It was not the young guy.

I was coming in for a hearing test appointment, he told me, and he was making sure this was a good time.

(???!) I have no appointment… (I did not say, I had a hearing test last week at the medical clinic while they were ruling out a brain tumor. But I knew I had had absolutely no contact with this office since before I got sick with presumed Covid last February.)

Right, we’re making you one and this day this time and does that work for you.

I answered, There is this pandemic going on and we are so close to the vaccines. I’m not coming in before then.

His voice escalated from officious to angry. He blustered. We fully protect our patients…we wear masks…

(Well yes because you’d get fined $500 in this county if you didn’t and I know that as well as you. I didn’t say that.)

It had to have been that guy. I bet he remembered that day just as well as I did and what he’d printed out on the office’s printer and waved close in the receptionist’s face while invading her personal space and that whole little scene and likely the look on my face, the only patient in the waiting room, as he made her flinch. He knew who I was.

I knew who he was.

They have years of my records so I didn’t burn any bridges.

But he had already, and just did again.

My old audiologist used to have an office near here, which is when I met him, but he moved it years ago to have a shorter commute and for me it’s been a real hike across bad traffic to get there. I’ve been wanting to make an appointment with a much closer one for some time so I can get started: they can ask for those records and I can get some new aids. Or at the very least replace the chipped ear mold that has been causing me grief for lo these too many months.

Three weeks till that first shot–if all goes as announced.

While all I can do is to shake my head that man, what a way to kill your business and you can’t blame the virus for it, either. But it was his choice.

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Whether or not he knew who you were, that’s no way to treat a patient. I’d run as fast as I could in the other direction. At least you have a legitimate reason to switch. BTW, you have a legal right to go and get your records anytime. I’d take your tall roommate with you (-:

Comment by Anne 02.19.21 @ 12:16 am

My first thought was, what an idiot he is, but actually, stupid people can’t help being stupid, while he could help his behavior. What a glassbowl, though.

Comment by ccr in MA 02.19.21 @ 6:26 am

Never keep a doctor who is a bully. It’s just plain not worth it – at least in my experience, they’re not even as competent as the low-tide standard of the non-bullies. Sometimes they can bluster their way into convincing someone that they know what they’re doing, but that is, oddly enough, not the same as medical knowledge, experience, and wisdom…

Comment by KC 02.19.21 @ 11:44 am

I recently went to a dr. who said I needed a particular procedure. He was talking about scheduling it when I said I wanted a second opinion. He immediately became offended and rude. Needless to say, I got the second opinion and had the procedure done by the second doctor AND discussed the whole incident with my regular doctor who had referred me to the first one.

Comment by Sharon Stanger 02.19.21 @ 12:46 pm

That is the kind of doctor you want to avoid. It’s good that you are able to make a switch, I know that sometimes that isn’t possible.
Wonder if you could track down the young guy? Perhaps he was even less impressed than you were and has moved on?
Best of luck finding the right doc for you.

Comment by Chris S in Canada 02.19.21 @ 9:06 pm

One of my friends is an optomitrist now retired, but at one point the office she worked in was taken over by some ‘larger’ group. She had worked as a dr there for 20+ years at that point I believe. She did not take any of her patients files, but she did put up a billboard along the commuter train line and I think one of the major highways (Chicago area) and lots of her patients flocked back to her which apparently ticked off the new owner of the business. She told me she didn’t even take her family’s (husband, daughter, son, self) files. Sometimes a person is their own worst enemy.

Comment by Helen Mathey-Horn 02.19.21 @ 9:42 pm

It might actually be doubtful that he remembered you at all, if his behavior that day was simply action-as-usual…that moment would not have stood out to him at all. But his habit of throwing his weight around, expecting to do it with impunity, is simply consistently awful.

Comment by Marian 02.19.21 @ 11:15 pm

Yes, don’t trust a doctor who is a bully!

Comment by LauraN 02.22.21 @ 9:11 pm

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