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Monday January 25th 2021, 11:53 pm
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After looking at too many real estate listings–we’re not moving, but knowing what the options are is always a good thing, and it’s become a bit of a pandemic hobby–I have a few questions.

Why on earth is it a thing to have a bathtub with windows that start right at the top of the tub?

Why is it that so many of those are in a corner and have windows on two sides of said tub?

Why do so many of such listings have zero evidence of there having ever been any window coverings on those windows? What?

Entirely outdone, though, by the loft master bedroom with a half-wall so as to overlook the front entryway, with clearly echoing acoustics.

And also, why are drab gray kitchens such a big thing?

Why did the only house with a double oven go for over a million? I mean, I love my double oven but I wouldn’t pay hundreds of thousands of dollars extra for it.

Why is it so hard to find a master bedroom and laundry and kitchen all on one floor for when you’re aging or you broke something and you don’t want to do stairs?

Guess we’ll just have to stay in our ranch right here. It’s a pretty perfect setup.

Did you know you could buy a cute three bedroom house in the middle of pretty much nowhere in Maine and pay a $199/month mortgage? Although I imagine you’d make up for it in heating costs.

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I love looking at real estate listings! Give me a floor plan and I will pore over it endlessly. So many questions, so few answers.

Comment by ccr in MA 01.26.21 @ 9:31 am

Those are the unanswerable (and existential) questions of real estate. If my windowed bath was in a house in the middle of 10 acres I might be ok with that. Otherwise window coverings of some kind – even if only frosted glass.

I live looking at listings and floor plans. So much dreaming about what it could look like.

My favourite show on HGTV is Hometown, set in Laurel Mississippi. They make things beautiful no matter how small the budget!

Comment by Chris S in Canada 01.26.21 @ 11:06 am

I have always wanted to go to Maine–just tell me where I can get that deal!

Comment by Sharon Stanger 01.26.21 @ 11:10 am

I’ve wondered about some ‘ideas’ people have. One place my husband and I looked at had a bedroom and bathroom on the second floor on opposite sides of the stairs (so you would be seen from someone on ground floor if you trapised between the two) Hmmm?

Comment by Helen Mathey-Horn 01.27.21 @ 12:04 pm

Craziest thing we saw in a house search – a master bedroom with, I kid you not, the toilet on a raised platform at the end of the bedroom. I think there was a low wall, but you could look each other in the eye while one of you was seated. If you dared.

Comment by twinsetellen 01.27.21 @ 9:59 pm

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