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Thursday January 28th 2021, 11:51 pm
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We’re so not ready for contractors (not to mention, hey, pandemic) but we’re going to need one. The corian could be seamed, yes, but that seam clearly wouldn’t be able to support the weight of the smaller range that’s going to have to go in: we need to replace the countertops, too.

The old range has two burners out of five working again, just enough to take the pressure off the timeline and the quarantine pod.

I’ve been trying to get one definite thing done on the house every day to feel the progress so as to create more progress and am using the whole kitchen thing as motivation.

That sixty-five-year-old bathroom fan that is permanently open to the outdoors has *got* to go. Take a bath, feel a few raindrops on your head in the tub. Roof juice with your shampoo (not to mention a path in for moths where I hang sweaters to dry.)

But still, there are the things I can do. Michelle’s “Oh wow” as she came around the corner this evening felt really good.

For anybody appliance shopping, I did find this one review by a guy who’d ordered a 23″ cooktop and had gotten a 22″ one. It was written two years ago, so maybe the Trump-donating owners of Home Despot have improved things since then. Right. If there’s a paywall blocking you, let me quote:

“I talked to a store manager who actually told me that Home Depot doesn’t sell appliances – they contract to a third-party company – so they don’t accept returns. Then she said they might accept a return within 24 hours of delivery if I brought the super-heavy, bulky box to the store, but I’d absolutely be charged a $225 restocking fee. Website specs are misleading? Not Home Depot’s problem, she said, because I’d “accepted ownership” of the cooktop when I signed the delivery receipt.”

Sounds like a slam-dunk small claims court win to me but I figure that’s something to know and to ask about before you plunk any money down there. Maybe they’ve improved their customer service since then. But if you do go there–I’m not going to–definitely ask about their customer policies first and in detail and in writing.

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We have had very poor experience buying appliances at the big box stores. Here in NJ, the local appliance store we went to (to replace the washer that was never satisfactory and died entirely at 4 years old) didn’t have a big selection* but at least it works.
*we’re told due to COVID messing up supply channels

Comment by Betty Catherine 01.29.21 @ 8:17 am

I mean, I guess better to order 23 and get 22 than the other way around, but it’s still not good!

Comment by ccr in MA 01.29.21 @ 1:58 pm

My very wise kitchen contractor years ago told me to **never** buy appliances from any big box store. He said they sell the third-rate stuff that the name brands can’t sell anywhere else – the low quality, high breakability items that the big boxes can sell cheaply. We went to a plumbing supply to get the sink and fixtures for the kitchen, and they were fabulous. AND the plumbing supply made sure to let us know they guaranteed their pieces and would take them back if there was any problem!

Comment by Pegi F 01.30.21 @ 6:09 am

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