Superballs (boing!)
Wednesday December 23rd 2020, 11:06 pm
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Wait, what?

Two dozen Costco hard boiled eggs: shelled, so at least there’s that.

It was supposed to be liquid egg whites so I could more easily experiment with cake recipe amounts for my yarn-ball Silikomart mold. Going to be just a bit hard to whip those.

(This one’s a buche de noel for weavers. Just linking to it because, clicking on that yellow cake to embiggen the picture, wow. Hey, I could pour some homemade chocolate into that in a big flat bar, I have lots of friends who weave.)

Two two-packs later we still have twenty freaking bouncy hard-boiled eggs in that fridge. I wondered if you could freeze them and googled: turns out the whites become super rubbery and at the same time super hard. Which is exactly what we already have.

What does one DO with such things? Other than, y’know, throwing an Easter egg roll for all the raccoons and skunks and possums. Cuisinart them into an egg loaf? That just…doesn’t… yow. Those whites do not want to be chopped, not by your knife, not by your fork, not by your teeth.

I did my best to mash them with some Durkee’s and sharp cheddar on toast and settled for, frankly, more like strips.

Texture, the texture of those whites in this, it was a little like… Like…(I really don’t know if I should say this…) my sister’s description of her brother-in-law’s wedding where the caterer served escargots but forgot to cook them first.

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Give up on them honey. Nobody will think poorly of you. Honest. (Is there a wild life rescue group nearby? Could they use them?)

Comment by Afton 12.24.20 @ 7:32 am

Some things just can’t be salvaged, no matter how hard you try.

Comment by Jayleen Hatmaker 12.24.20 @ 8:26 am

Yuck. Deviled eggs are good but not for days at a time. That is all I know how to make with hard-boiled eggs although my home-ec teacher did have us try a white sauce with the whites and sieving the yolks, served on toast. I forget what that concoction was called.

Comment by Sharon Stanger 12.24.20 @ 10:59 am

I love hard-boiled eggs, but that sounds like an order gone really, REALLY wrong.

I have a recipe for something like what Sharon describes and it’s called, I think, “daffodil eggs”. I can check, I think it’s in one of my cookbooks from the 1930’s.

Comment by Margo Lynn 12.24.20 @ 4:45 pm

I’m with Afton. I wouldn’t have given them as much time as you already have. Yeesh. And definitely a wildlife rescue or spca. I’ll bet they could use them. But you might need to take them in personally so they can see your honesty about the rubber eggs.
You tried. That’s all you can do.

Comment by Chris S in Canada 12.24.20 @ 8:40 pm

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