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Tuesday December 15th 2020, 11:37 pm
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Maybe I should add to that last post that after 40 years of marriage we’ve learned we each know best what we want and so “go buy it and it’s from me” is the norm here re gift-giving. Yes it’s great fun finding that one most perfect thing–but there’s no reason to sweat over it.

He was working again today, sitting up. His feet were getting cold, so I’m going to give a shameless plug here for my friends Ron and Teresa’s bison silk socks, because they were that one most perfect thing I found a few years ago and after trying them out he asked for more. He had a pair blended with merino, no silk, but after that first softer upgraded pair that was all he ever wanted on his feet again. Socks for Christmas was a longtime in-joke between us–until those. It’s still an in-joke but with definite appreciation thrown in now.

You can throw them in the dryer as well as the washer, but I don’t, and they were hanging where I’d left them drying waiting for him to be up to needing them again. I ran and got him a pair.

It was nice to have something so easy to do to make him so much more comfortable in his day.

My 6’8″er is a big guy and he’s been walking around the house in those pairs of socks since our quarantine began in February and they show no signs of wearing out. I’d say that over time they’re proving less expensive than wool ones.

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I will have to find some of that yarn for my cold feet

Comment by Sharon Stanger 12.16.20 @ 11:20 am

Those do sound wonderful, and well worth it! I hope he continues to feel better.

Comment by ccr in MA 12.16.20 @ 11:34 am

We, too, are in the “my gift for you is picking out my own gift” part of marriage. And in the “I won’t blink an eye at that expensive phone if you let me call it your birthday/holiday gift” part of marriage, too.

And, good socks have long been on my go-to gift list for W. He didn’t get it until he got it. 🙂

Comment by twinsetellen 12.16.20 @ 9:13 pm

What good news that Richard is feeling so much better! And thanks for the shameless plug. I am always looking for warm, durable socks. For some reason, I wear through socks at an alarming rate – especially in the heels! I will gladly spend extra for long-wearing *warm* socks. Thanks for the tip!

Comment by Pegi F 12.17.20 @ 2:32 am

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