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Thursday October 22nd 2020, 9:05 pm
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I was at the ENT doctor’s today, because I chipped a piece out of the hard part of the tubing on an ear mold and need it remade and to do that my ears had to be cleaned out first so the audiologist can get the right fit. Pandemic or no pandemic, I do like to be able to hear.

I mentioned to the doctor that I’d done the 23AndMe thing and that it said I had the gene for, of all things, wet earwax. A what now?

He was trying to remember the details: he’d read about that. It seems that that gene is also connected to a lower rate of heart and vascular disease.

Really?! I told him my grandparents (on my mom’s side anyway) lived to be 95 and 96, so…!

He was now very curious to go back and look that up and track down the details.

I’m like, hey. I’m going to live forever. Wet behind the ears has a whole new meaning now.

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It’s fascinating, the connections they’re figuring out now. And yeah, being able to hear is nice!

Comment by ccr in MA 10.23.20 @ 8:07 am

When my grandmother (father’s mom) was in a nursing home, they and my aunt living nearby thought she we loosing her hearing…until they cleaned out her ears. My dad was rather unhappy with his doctor for charging him money to clean out his (my dad’s ears). I find myself cleaning my ears daily…Yeah, I think this runs in my family. Unfortunately my dad didn’t have a lower cardiovascular history. Maybe mine isn’t the ‘wet’ kind. 🙂

Comment by Helen 10.23.20 @ 1:07 pm

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