Maybe that’s where it all started
Wednesday September 02nd 2020, 10:54 pm
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Spent a long time going through yarns and fish photos and measuring and eyeballing and I think the next two are figured out. I kept thinking, as I often have, that what I really need is my friend Lee’s pictures from his dive trips. (His ability to sketch would be nice, too.)

He and Phyl have from time to time offered us much-enjoyed evenings of seeing his underwater photography and one of those times was not long before Crohn’s put me in the hospital the first time. The doctor had me on morphine, and this time I was the one on a trip–with Lee’s tropical fish lazily meandering around me in the very brightest colors against a turquoise background, keeping me company all night, keeping me amused and distracted from the severe pain and feeling less alone because all of that was because of happy memories that had come from them.

A friend dropped by this afternoon with homemade jam from her fruit trees; I sent her off with a cooled loaf of cranberry pumpkin sourdough because I always know that one will be good.

We were kind of ready for something else, though. I was paging through my Artisan Sourdough Made Simple tonight and I didn’t really want to do it this way I wanted to try that and now there’s an experiment in the kitchen rising overnight and if it turns out fabulous you’ll hear all about it tomorrow. And if it doesn’t we’ll pretend this paragraph was never written.

In my dreams.

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Baking, unlike cooking, relies on science and formulae – don’t think of it as possible failure, you are testing a new hypothesis.

(I do hope it turns out, whatever it is.)

Comment by Anne 09.02.20 @ 11:35 pm

The smell in your home must be divine!

Comment by Suzanne in Montreal 09.03.20 @ 6:47 am

When you’re in the mood for it, experimenting can be excellent fun! And no matter what comes of it, you learn something.

Comment by ccr in MA 09.03.20 @ 9:54 am

The second to last paragraph, last sentence…darn I can’t remember.
Hope it turns out fabulous.

Comment by Helen 09.03.20 @ 3:08 pm

If you haven’t chosen a nap for this lovely creation might I suggest “morphine dreams”? That’s quite a background story.

I totally missed that last bit and won’t remember a thing. What bread? (Unless it turns out great)
Chris S

Comment by Chris S in Canada 09.03.20 @ 6:32 pm

Darn autocorrect!!! Sheesh!!! I meant chosen a *name*.
Chris S

Comment by Chris S in Canada 09.03.20 @ 6:34 pm

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