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Wednesday September 09th 2020, 11:21 pm
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My alarm went off in what seemed to be the middle of the night. (Pictures to follow.)

The Bear Fire, the Oregon fires, all those others that are still going or just starting: smartphone auto-filters just weren’t up to it. Holly did a good job with her good camera.

It wasn’t night, but it wasn’t really day, either, with the sky a deep deep dark orange overcast–and it stayed that way. We simply weren’t going to have any day today, rather, it was as if it were about forty-five minutes past sunset all day long. It was very weird. At noon it seemed to let up enough that you could see more clearly across our small back yard for a few minutes, and again around five, but that was all the light we were going to get.

The air quality actually registered as moderate with the marine layer between us and the towering smoke, but the national weather service sent out a tweet saying quite honestly that their instruments were not designed to measure from fire and as far as doing anything outside, use your nose as your guide.

Be careful.

I went out anyway at 1:30 to pick up a prescription to if nothing else stop the annoying auto-calls about it, and to get a flu shot as long as I was out there.

Our (admittedly understaffed) local CVS takes an excruciatingly long time to do the simplest things while studiously avoiding customers. And so even though the Rx had already been filled it was well over an hour later that I came back to my car.

Where the ash was already re-coating the windshield. I looked around and thought, if fire ever actually broke out around here right now, how on earth would anybody know?

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I was waiting for the extra sun to appear, followed by several moons tonight! It was also weirdly quiet for part of the day.

On a sad note, it seems all this ash is having an impact on bushes and smaller trees. Leaves are turning brown and edges look deformed. Might need to do a bit of replanting when this passes.

Comment by Anne 09.10.20 @ 12:21 am

How scary!

Any rain in the forecast at all???

Comment by Suzanne in Montreal 09.10.20 @ 6:37 am

It’s just hard to make sense of the pictures. So wrong-looking.

Comment by ccr in MA 09.10.20 @ 6:55 am

Hooray! So happy to see your website is back. Hope everything is OK.

Comment by DebbieR 09.15.20 @ 7:15 am

Got the LOTR reference. Scary.

Comment by Chris S in Canada 09.15.20 @ 10:02 am

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