Are we surprised
Wednesday August 05th 2020, 10:53 pm
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My next door neighbor told me he heard that sound and groaned, “Oh no!”

A different cop came.

The insurance agent, like last time, didn’t get back to me today so there was no rental car yet and the med that I’d gotten in the car to go pick up had to be picked up, so Richard walked the mile and a quarter to the pharmacy on the grounds of needing the exercise, then grabbed an Uber home.

Clearly we’re going to be driving a rental car again for however long it takes this time to get the catalytic converter part in stock.

And so we’re putting off the new driveway, again, because you can’t risk getting that stuff on the rental. Nor can you get it on the new mattress, and that hasn’t arrived yet, so delay delay and delay some more, with apologies to the contractor.

So this is fun.

My friend Tony was talking about the skunk at his house. I invited it to come live under my car.

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That is rubbing salt in the wound. I’m glad, at least, that you felt well enough to try to drive that car!

Comment by twinsetellen 08.05.20 @ 10:57 pm

Oh for heaven’s sake! What do skunks like to eat? And how can you entice it to your driveway??

Comment by Pegi F 08.06.20 @ 4:02 am

I’m surprised, and horrified!

Comment by ccr in MA 08.06.20 @ 6:03 am

Oh no!!! I take it the car has no alarm system? Has to be the same thief/thieves just waiting for you to replace the thing. Maybe a neighbor nearby has a security camera that might help identify the idiots?

Comment by Jayleen Hatmaker 08.06.20 @ 6:12 am

Rats! Total stinking rats! I hope your insurance covers all this again, and you get a rental car today. And so thankful your sweetheart needed that walk. May today be much better.

Comment by DebbieR 08.06.20 @ 9:15 am

Well as Joe Dunphy would say “oh come on!”
Guess you might have to invest in some kind of security?? Or maybe it’s time to get a really big dog?? (I am not recommending the skunk- for obvious reasons. Even though they are really cute!)

Deep breath and prayer. And some really good chocolate any time you want it.
Chris S

Comment by Chris S in Canada 08.06.20 @ 9:32 am

Skunks aren’t too picky. Will eat almost anything but they sure love fruit. But I think a big dog might be better. Or less stinky at least.

Comment by Chris S in Canada 08.06.20 @ 9:53 am

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